Ben Warren's Latest Health Scare Has 'Station 19' Fans Worried

'Station 19's' Ben Warren is turning to his wife Miranda Bailey as he seeks medical treatment — but will Ben treat his testicular cancer? Here is everything we know.

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May 20 2021, Published 2:52 p.m. ET

Ben Warren on Station 19
Source: ABC/Ron Batzdorff

Since Station 19 is a spinoff of Grey's Anatomy, it's no surprise when Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital makes a cameo. However, it often doesn't end too well for characters of the ABC drama.

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This time around, Ben Warren is the one on the operating table, after it was revealed that the surgical resident turned firefighter might have testicular cancer. Alongside his wife, Chief of Surgery Miranda Bailey, Ben is about to undergo a major operation, but he is having second thoughts.

So, does Ben really have cancer and will he agree to the surgery?

Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren on 'Station 19'
Source: ABC/Richard Cartwright

During Season 4, Episode 13, Miranda discovered a growth on Ben, which led the couple to go get a second opinion. Once at the doctor's office, they were told that Ben's testicle has to be removed because the growth may metastasize quickly.

However, as expected, that was not easy news for Ben to take.

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"I don’t need a lesson. I know I’m lucky. I have resources. I have you forcing me to go to the doctor," Ben told Miranda on the show. "I have every reason to fight, but I also have every reason to … I eat right. I exercise. I am the top of my game physically. Why is this happening to me?"

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Miranda goes on to remind Ben that she has lost a lot of people in her life in the past year alone, and she does not need him to refuse the surgery.

"I know how you feel. But you need to do this … because it’s been a hell of a year," she said. "My mother died. Andrew DeLuca died. Meredith Grey just came off the vent. Call it selfish but I cannot lose you. I wouldn’t be able to take that. I wouldn’t be able to function. I wouldn’t be a person anymore."

During Episode 14, Miranda reminds Ben of the importance of having the surgery and getting a diagnosis, telling him, "You know the mortality rate of Black men and cancer."

Ben's partner Andy also shows her support, adding, "Warren, I know getting surgery isn't easy, but I'm really glad you're doing it."

Now, all fans have to do is wait for the official diagnosis — but they are not thrilled about this storyline.

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Station 19
Source: ABC

"I won’t accept Ben having cancer," one viewer tweeted.

Another agreed, adding, "Exactly. Bailey has a tough year already. Losing her husband will be a breaking point. Ben must live; his wife and children need him."

It even prompted rumors that actor Jason George might be leaving the drama series, just like Jesse Williams, who plays Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy.

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Ben Warren wouldn't be the first 'Station 19' character diagnosed with cancer.

Station 19
Source: ABC

Andy's father and Station 19's former captain, Pruitt Herrera, was diagnosed with mesothelioma at Grey Sloan Memorial and started receiving chemotherapy.

Pruitt went on to be diagnosed with scrotal lymphoma during Season 3 and refused to seek additional treatment after Miranda gave him a limited life expectancy due to the aggressive nature of the cancer.

Pruitt went on to die in the line of duty, not from cancer, but it was still a hard death for Station 19 fans.

Hopefully, Ben will not have a similar fate. Watch Station 19 Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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