Connie Springer
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Does Connie Springer Die In 'Attack on Titan'? (SPOILERS)


Oct. 14 2021, Published 5:42 p.m. ET

Spoiler alert: This post contains major Attack on Titan spoilers for those who haven't read the manga.

Does Connie Springer die in Attack on Titan? Season 4, Part 2 of Attack on Titan doesn't premiere until Jan. 9, 2022, but fans who haven't read the conclusion of the Attack on Titan manga series are worried about which characters will die by the story's conclusion.

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Connie Springer is one of Eren Jaeger's fellow Scout Regiment soldiers. Attack on Titan fans like Connie due to the fact that he provided a rare and necessary dose of comic relief in the dark series, particularly when he interacted with his best friend Sasha Braus. Sadly, even one of Attack on Titan's best comic relief characters faces tragic losses in the series.

Connie being silly with Sasha
Source: Studio Wit

Connie being silly with Sasha

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Not only are the people of Connie's hometown of Ragako turned into Titans, including his whole family, but Connie also has to witness Sasha's death during what was supposed to be a triumphant moment of victory for the Scout Regiment. Connie says at Sasha's grave that she was like a sister to him, and after her death it felt like he was missing his other half.

So does Connie die in 'Attack on Titan' too?

Connie faces a moment in the penultimate chapter of the Attack on Titan manga where he believes he's about to face death by being turned into a Titan with his other best friend Jean Kirschtein. Connie jokes to Jean that it was his fault for convincing him to join the Scout Regiment in the first place so many years ago. The two friends face their fate during Attack on Titan's incredible final battle.

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Connie in 'Attack on Titan'
Source: Wit Studio

In a rare occurrence for Attack on Titan, Connie actually doesn't end up dying. After Eren is finally defeated in the final battle of heaven and earth the power of the Titans is finally eradicated, resulting in Connie reverting back into a human along with his other comrades that survived.

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In another bittersweet moment, Connie and Jean see the spirit of Sasha in the final chapter after it hits them that they're back to normal. For one final moment, one of Attack on Titan's best trios is reunited.

Sasha, Jean and Connie in 'Attack on Titan'
Source: Mappa Studios

Sasha, Jean, and Connie

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In another stroke of good luck for Connie, he realizes that his mother must have turned back to normal. (Sadly Sasha was forced to kill Connie's dad in Titan form in order to save herself and a young girl from Connie's village. Sasha didn't realize at the time that the Titan was Connie's dad.)

What makes it so satisfying to know that Connie makes it to the end is the fact that Connie was just a normal human being. He never became a Titan-shifter like Eren or Armin, and he didn't have what appeared to be the superhuman strength of Captain Levi or Mikasa. Connie was brilliantly normal, and his fight to survive despite having no special abilities but the will to live until the very end was inspiring.

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Sasha and Connie
Source: Mappa Studios

Sasha and Connie

Hopefully Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 2 doesn't neglect the rest of Connie's satisfying character arc. Cheers to one of the most underrated characters in the series!

Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 2 premieres on Jan. 9, 2022.

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