'Love & Translation:' Dylan's Sexy Dance With Yam May Ruin Him and Tulay (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

Dylan and Yam's dance moves could threaten his and Tulay's connection for the second time on 'Love & Translation.'

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Apr. 12 2024, Published 6:37 p.m. ET

The first season of TLC's Love &Translation started with three American bachelors—Dylan, 21, Tripp, 30, and Kahlil, 24—trying to understand the women in their lives. Literally. When they entered the competition, host Sangita Patel quickly told the guys their possible love interests couldn't speak English and that they would have to use any form of communication besides talking to connect with them.

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While we've seen the guys find other methods of communicating messages to the ladies, they've found themselves in stickier situations as the competition has started heating up. Dylan for instance, is entangled in a love triangle between two of the bachelorettes — 25-year-old Tulay from Germany and Yam, 29, from Mexico.

Dylan ultimately wants things to work with Tulay. However, in an exclusive clip given to Distractify, a sultry dance outing with Yam proves to make his promise easier said than done.

Dylan from 'Love & Translation'
Source: TLC
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Dylan tries to maintain his loyalty to Tulay while dancing with Yam on 'Love and Translation.'

Season 1, Ep. 12 of Love & Translation, "El Said Ella Said," shows the guys on their second and final overnight date away from the villa. The overnight dates allowed them to get to know some of the women they've connected with more, helping them to ultimately decide who they want to learn a second language for once it's time to go home.

In a clip from the Sunday, April 14 episode, the couples for the night: Dylan and Tulay, Kahlil and Jhenypher, and Tripp and Leidi, gathered to their group date outside with a few dancers and an instructor who informed them, "Today, we're going to learn how to dance!" The group cheered as each couple got closer and proceeded to learn the meringue.

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As they're dancing, the instructor yells at the dates to get even closer than they were, with the girls moving the guys' hands to their backsides. The clip shows the couples fully enjoying themselves, especially Dylan and Yam. The pair kept their hands all over each other to the point where Yam eventually jokingly said "Enough" and then brought him closer.

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Dylan said Yam's "very sexual" and "very fun" moves makes it hard for him to prioritize a promise he made to Tulay, who he took on an overnight date in a previous episode, "Time for Romanza."

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After Dylan confessed to Tulay that he and Yam slept together in Ep. 7 "Aniyo Thank You," he expressed his concern that it might ruin the possibility of him and Tulay ending their connection. Fortunately for him, Tulay stayed, but not before she made him promise not to have sex with Yam or anyone else on his overnight date.

"The way someone dances, the way someone moves definitely has a direct sign to how they are in bed... and Yam lines up with both of those," Dylan said in the April 14 episode clip. "I mean, I have every intention of keeping my promise to Tulay, but this is already harder than I thought it would be."

So, will Dylan keep his promise to Tulay? We'll have to wait and see!

New episodes of Love and Translation air Sundays at 11 p.m. on TLC and stream the next day on Max.

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