Gabi on 'The Bachelor'
Source: ABC

Gabi on 'The Bachelor'

Gabi Is Not Too Happy With Zach — Does She Self- Eliminate?

Gabi did not seem too happy with Zach after he revealed information about their fantasy suite date. Does Gabi decide to leave "The Bachelor?"

Allison Hunt - Author

Mar. 27 2023, Published 8:52 p.m. ET

Spoiler Alert: There is a spoiler for the season finale of The Bachelor.

Welp, we made it folks. Another season of The Bachelor is done and dusted. However, from our point of few, things are just heating up after last week's "sex week", (We have some thoughts on the stupidity of Zach announcing that). Okay bro, that's fine, but maybe keep it to yourself? And then his "need" to clear the air after he decided to have sex with Gabi seemed pretty selfish. It's pretty clear he wasn't thinking about any other women at this point...but we digress.

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Gabi definitely left the Fantasy Suites week with a salty taste in her mouth after Zach told her that he needs to tell the other women about what they did. And now, fans are speculating that Gabi may leave. Does she? Let's find out!

Why did Zach sleep with Gabi?

Gabi on 'The Bachelor'
Source: ABC

Gabi on 'The Bachelor'

As we all know, during Fantasy Suites week of The Bachelor, Zach decided to name it "sex week" and proclaim to Jesse Palmer that he was actually going to be doing the opposite of that: no sex.

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After Zach tells Gabi this during their date, she reveals in an ITM that, "I wasn't expecting him to make that decision. I wouldn't say that it brought me relief, to be honest with you...Zach says he's not having sex but, I don't know. Maybe he will."

We soon find out that he did in fact have sex with Gabi. And while he said that it was special and he doesn't regret it, he is pretty torn up about it. Which leads us to...

Does Gabi leave 'The Bachelor'?

Although Zach says that he does not regret his decision to have sex with Gabi, he feels very guilty. Zach comes to Gabi's room to tell her that he feels he needs to tell the other women what happened. This causes Gabi to look visibly uncomfortable and say that she is, "caught off guard." Later, at the rose ceremony, it is clear that Gabi is very bothered and voices that her, "trust is broken" and that she doesn't even know if she, "wants this rose."

Despite what she said, Gabi does accept a rose, but that does not mean that she is happy.

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In the preview clip for the finale episode of The Bachelor, Gabi is seen asking Zach to chat and then says that, "I won't be meeting Zach's family." This clip has caused fans to speculate that Gabi may leave on her own volition.

Reality Steve did say that Gabi and Kaity were the final two, but said nothing about whether Gabi attended the final rose ceremony or not. From the preview, it does seem like she is in a fancy yellow dress, making us think that she will make it to the final rose ceremony and the clip is just editting trickery. It appears that Zach chooses Kaity in the end, making Gabi once again feel second.

Don't you worry your pretty little head, Gabi! We have a feeling there is a spot with your name on it down in Paradise.

The Bachelor airs at 8 pm EST on ABC.

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