Does John Kerry, Our New Climate Czar, Wear a Wig?


Jan. 28 2021, Published 12:51 p.m. ET

John Kerry
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During his decades in public life, John Kerry has always looked the part of a classy politician. He served as a senator for more than 20 years, and also ran for president and served as Barack Obama's Secretary of State. Now, Kerry has taken on a new role as a climate envoy inside of Joe Biden's administration, and it has brought renewed attention to Kerry, and in particular, to his hair. 

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Does John Kerry wear a wig?

John Kerry is currently 77 years old, although he doesn't necessarily look that old. One of his most defining features, in addition to his incredibly prominent chin, is the full head of hair that he's sported for much of his public life. Despite his somewhat advanced age, Kerry's hair still looks remarkably thick, and it's led some people to wonder whether John Kerry is actually wearing a hairpiece of some kind. 

john kerry wig
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The speculation around Kerry's possible hairpiece isn't exactly new. In fact, it stretches back years, with users in various online forums convinced that Kerry's luscious locks aren't real at all. Some have pointed out that Kerry's skin never seems to be visible under his hair, while others have suggested that he works too hard to glue his toupee to the sides of his face. 

Kerry has never confirmed or commented on whether he wears a wig, but that hasn't stopped people on the internet from speculating. Some think that his hair is too shiny to be real, while others have suggested that it's simply too full for a man his age. While there are many convinced that Kerry does wear a wig, others admit that they were always sure his hair was real. 

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Did John Kerry get plastic surgery?

Many of the same people who suspect that Kerry is wearing a wig also think that he may have gotten plastic surgery at some point. In fact, this theory is so prominent that it's actually been written about in mainstream outlets like The Washington Post. Much like the conversation about whether he was wearing a wig, this conversation really started in earnest as he was going through his confirmation to become Secretary of State. 

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In those hearings, some people observed that Kerry's face looked wider than it had in the past and that his eyes looked less droopy than they had a decade earlier. Kerry's face has also remained remarkably free of wrinkles in spite of his age. While it's possible that these things were just an effect of aging, others thought that Kerry had work done to change his features. 

At the time, those around Kerry were annoyed about the rumors and the ways in which they distracted from the substance of the hearings he was going through. Regardless, it's a reality that many politicians in Washington get work done on their faces. Wrinkles were once a common feature in politics, but they've started to disappear, and not because politicians are getting any younger. 

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