Does (SPOILER) Get Her Powers Back in 'The Boys' Season 3 or Are They Gone for Good?

Does Kimiko get her powers back in 'The Boys' Season 3? Better yet, does Kimiko even survive after being hit by Soldier Boy's blast? What we know.

Katherine Stinson - Author

Jun. 11 2022, Published 12:00 p.m. ET

Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara)
Source: Prime Video

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for The Boys Season 3, Episode 4 on Prime Video.

Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) has endured a lot of trauma in her life. However, losing her powers to Soldier Boy's (Jensen Ackles) hyperbeam might cost her the most.

Will Kimiko get her powers back? Here's what we know so far.

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Up until The Boys Season 3, Episode 4, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and his vigilante anti-supe group had been solely focused on taking supes down. Butcher even takes Temp-V so he can gain an upper hand on Homelander (Antony Starr), the supe he loathes most of all.

However, the team never considered that a supe might have the ability to take another supe's powers away. Poor Kimiko learns this the hard way when the Boys find Soldier Boy, very much alive, in a Russian military compound.

Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara)
Source: Prime Video

Kimiko is tough as nails, powers or not.

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Will Kimiko get her powers back?

The answer is unclear after the end of The Boys Season 3, Episode 4. After Butcher unintentionally releases Soldier Boy from his cryogenic chamber, the supe frees himself from his restraints. Although he seems somewhat conscious, Soldier Boy walks out of his chamber in a daze.

A powerful beam emanates from Soldier Boy's chest. Kimiko sees it's aimed right at Frenchie (Tomer Capone). She pushes him out of the way, absorbing the full brunt of the blast.

Normally, this wouldn't be an issue for Kimiko, given her healing powers. However, to Frenchie's horror, Kimiko's extensive wounds don't heal after Soldier's Boy's blast. Somehow, the beam took away Kimiko's powers.

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Kimiko falls in and out of consciousness after taking the brunt of the blast. The Boys don't even have time to wonder where Soldier Boy wandered off to in the compound. Mother's Milk (Laz Alonso) and Frenchie struggle to keep Kimiko awake. Her healing powers continue to not kick in.

Butcher surmises that the Russians must have done something to Soldier Boy to give him the ability to take Kimiko's powers away.

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Will Kimiko be able to get her powers back? At this point, the issue is whether or not she will survive. It isn't looking good for poor Kimiko at this point.

Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara)
Source: Prime Video

Mother's Milk and Frenchie fight to keep Kimiko conscious.

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We know that supes get their powers from Compound V. So, if Kimiko survives (she better!), she would have to be injected with more Compound V in order to get her powers back.

However, the exact scope of Soldier Boy's beam is still unknown. Does it take away a human's ability to have powers for good? Or can they be restored with Compound V? These are the questions that need to be answered in future episodes.

Could Butcher's Temp-V save Kimiko in the short term? All we know is that we don't want the sole female in the Boys to die just yet! We're rooting for Kimiko's survival and hopefully she'll get her powers back as an added bonus.

New episodes of The Boys Season 3 drop on Prime Video on Fridays.

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