Does the Reigning Super Bowl Champion Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Support Trump?

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Apr. 28 2021, Updated 4:58 p.m. ET

patrick mahomes
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It seems like folks are always concerned with the political views of their favorite artists, celebrities, and public figures. There's been a lot of news and commentary as of late regarding the involvement of athletes in a variety of top leagues pertaining to issues of social justice that have become highly politicized, like the Black Lives Matter movement. This has been conflated with harsh criticisms of Donald Trump, and people are wondering if Patrick Mahomes supports the President.

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Why are people wondering if Patrick Mahomes supports Trump?

Like everything on the internet these days, it most likely started with a meme. The phenomenon of taking a photo of an individual and slapping a quote on it is alive and well on the web, in case you ever thought it was going anywhere. It's been a tool of misinformation for a very long time and is often the subject of countless memes lampooning the all-too-frequent occurrence.

There have been many articles on how Donald Trump's supporters were able to keep his name in constant circulation all over social media, which then helped to influence traditional media outlet coverage, ensuring that he was getting free publicity in his bid for the presidency. When it comes to the presidential "meme wars," there was a clear winner, and it was Donald Trump.

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does patrick mahomes support trump
Source: Instagram

And it seems that there are folks who support the president who are still utilizing the fake-attributed-quote format when it comes to star quarterback and Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes.

An rumor began circulating the internet that Patrick fully supports President Donald Trump, and there was even a quote going around that was placed beside an image of the NFL player.

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So is there any truth to this rumor? Absolutely not. Whether or not Patrick Mahomes supports Trump isn't known, but there is no evidence to suggest he ever actually said what the meme is claiming he did. No social media posts from the athlete suggest he's a fan. There are no recorded interviews where he went on record saying that quote, or even text message screenshots. In fact, Instagram has flagged the post as misleading, blurring it out so users couldn't see the falsified quote.

does patrick mahomes support trump
Source: Instagram
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One of Patrick's representatives at Steinberg Sports and Entertainment, Julia Faron, who is vice president of media and public relations, had confirmed in an email with The Daily Caller that he never made the comment.

There are some anti-Trump memes involving Patrick Mahomes that have circulated the internet, too.

In February of 2020, a tweet that featured Patrick posing for a photo while wearing a t-shirt that read, "The Great State of Kansas" on it started making its rounds on the internet. This was a reference to a tweet made by the president that incorrectly attributed the Kansas City Chiefs to Kansas, but the squad is actually based out of Kansas City, Mo.

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The gaffe was ridiculed by folks all over the web, and there's even a popular t-shirt design that features the quote, but Patrick wasn't actually wearing that t-shirt in the photo. He was wearing a red tee, but it said "Showtime" on it, not "The Great State of Kansas."

Pretty brilliant way to market a product, if not completely falsified.

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Post Malone's Patrick Mahomes tattoo is 100 percent real though.

No photoshop here folks and there's actually an amazing story behind this tat. While prepping backstage for a concert in Kansas City, Post hooked up Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes with a suite, them being the Super Bowl champs and all. They decided to get a game of beer pong going before Post went on stage to do his set, and Patrick and Travis were absolutely crushing it.

Post kept trying different paths to victory, even switching up teammates in order to do so. Before the final game, he stated that he would get a tattoo of both of their signatures if he lost. While Patrick told Post that wouldn't be necessary, the rapper had a tattoo artist with him on tour waiting to ink him up should he lose. Lose he did, and he made good on the bet.

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