Ryan Risked It All by Asking Haley To Return to ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ — Does He Pick Her?

Haylee Thorson - Author

May 11 2023, Updated 11:19 a.m. ET

Ryan and Haley from 'Farmer Wants a Wife' meet up in New York City
Source: Fox

One of the final Season 1 episodes of Farmer Wants a Wife took an unprecedented turn when Ryan Black met up with the woman he eliminated during Episode 6. After spending time with Sarah I. in her hometown of New York City, the horse trainer shocked fans when he met up with Haley for coffee.

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For those needing a refresher, Ryan originally sent Haley home for being “emotional,” which raised a few eyebrows among the North Carolina native’s remaining ladies. On the verge of the finale and making a final decision, Ryan realized he did see a future with Haley after all.

So, does Ryan’s impromptu coffee date mean he picks her in Farmer Wants a Wife? Here’s what we think.

Ryan and Haley sit outside at his ranch from 'Farmer Wants a Wife'
Source: Fox
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Does Haley come back for the ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ finale?

It’s no secret Haley’s first time on Farmer Wants a Wife ended on a sour note.

“Haley, I think you’re going to have to go home. You’re emotional, and I think this process has been more emotional for you,” Ryan explained during her elimination. “I feel we may have a disconnect [between] who I am and who you are.”

However, the farmer was seemingly distraught by his decision, crying after offering his reasoning. “I think it’s OK to be emotional,” Haley told the cameras after Ryan told her to leave. “And that’s all I have to say.”

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And Ryan regretted his decision — big time. When he later met with Haley in New York, he admitted he hadn’t stopped thinking about her.

“I’ve missed you like crazy. And I know I made a mistake,” Ryan said. “I made a big one.” However, Haley refused to let him off the hook. The former contestant pressed him for details about why he eliminated her for being too emotional.

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The farmer admitted he was in the wrong and shed light on how he’s felt since. “Since that moment, I’ve been struggling,” Ryan revealed. “I’ve wanted to have you back.”

Taken aback by his statement, Haley said that her ex’s revelation was “a lot to process.” So, does she come back for the finale?

Based on Haley’s response to Ryan’s heartfelt revelation, she’ll likely return for the Farmer Wants a Wife finale. While she didn’t confirm it in the May 10 episode, she admitted there was still a connection. And Ryan seemed to know exactly what he wanted.

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Does Ryan pick Haley in ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’?

While it isn’t confirmed that Ryan picks Haley at the end of Farmer Wants a Wife, several signs indicate that he does. First, if the farmer felt that Sara V., his remaining lady, was his person, he would have never asked Haley to return for the finale.

With such a short amount of time left before the big decision, Ryan likely knows that Sara V. isn’t the one and that his heart wants Haley. Also, the reality star’s explanation for asking the New Yorker to return was incredibly telling.

During their impromptu coffee date, Haley asked Ryan point blank: “Do you know what you want now?” And the horse breeder’s answer leads us to believe he picks her in the finale if she decides to give Ryan another chance.

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Haley sits at a campfire with Ryan and the ladies on 'Farmer Wants a Wife'
Source: Fox

“I want you with me, and I mean that,” Ryan assured her. “Take all the time you need.”

Watch Farmer Wants a Wife on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.

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