‘90 Day Fiancé’ Sneak Peek: Bilal Picks the Worst Time to Talk Prenups With Shaeeda


Jun. 19 2022, Published 1:54 p.m. ET

We don’t know whether Shaeeda of 90 Day Fiancé signs a prenup — or whether she even marries Bilal. Those are both closely-guarded TLC secrets, we imagine. But we do know that the question of whether to get a pre-nuptial agreement is threatening the couple’s romance.

As viewers have seen so far in the TLC show’s ninth season, Bilal, a 42-year-old form Kansas City, Mo., and Shaeeda, a 37-year-old from Trinidad and Tobago, met online and got engaged after spending just one week together.

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“Their lives couldn’t be more different, as Bilal is a divorced father of two while Shaeeda still lives at home with her parent,” TLC adds in a synopsis. “Shaeeda is ready to start a family of her own with Bilal, but he isn’t sure he wants any more children. On top of that, Bilal wants Shaeeda to sign a prenup, causing a further rift between the two.”

And that rift opens even wider in a sneak peek from the episode airing tonight, Sunday, June 19. Check it out below!

“Mr. Romantic” brings up the prenup again on a Ferris wheel ride, when Shaeeda is a captive audience.

In the clip, Bilal claims he’s “Mr. Romantic,” and treats Shaeeda to a ride on a Ferris wheel — with VIP tickets, no less. But then, after Shaeeda gets overwhelmed by the height, Mr. Romantic says he’d distract her with talk about the prenup he wants her to sign, even after admitting that it’s “probably not the best time” for him to bring up the document.

“We got an email,” he says. “The contract, the marriage contract, the prenup. … I’ll show you a little bit of what it looks like.”

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In a confessional, Shaeeda said she was in complete shock. “Before I came here, Bilal had only mentioned the idea of a prenuptial agreement, and I was adamant that it was not for me,” she said. “And we didn’t speak about it again. I did not even know that he was still thinking about a prenuptial agreement, let alone having a lawyer write up a copy.”

He realized that he “should have picked a better time.”

Back in the cabin, Shaeeda speculates, sardonically, that Bilal’s Ferris wheel date idea was his way of “wooing” her.

But Bilal seems to think he’s doing Shaeeda a favor. “Definitely, I did not want to bring this up in this scenario, because this is supposed to be nice, me and you,” he says. “But it’s kind of like when you have a pain, and it’s like, you step on somebody’s foot to take away from the other pain.”

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In his confessional, Bilal acknowledges his mistake. “In hindsight, I probably should have picked a better time to do that,” he says. “Her mood changed quickly. I thought I was doing something good, [to] kinda take her mind off of the height, but it ended up being something bad. Definitely backfired.”

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Fans seem surprised — and not surprised — by Bilal’s behavior.

On Twitter, 90 Day Fiancé viewers expressed dismay about the botched date, but it sounds like many of them think this is typical Bilal behavior.

“Bilal is the only dude that sets up a romantic date to show his GF a prenup,” one person wrote.

Another person tweeted, “Bilal manipulating the ‘romantic’ day with the prenup is so typical. But he leaves out the part where Shaeeda can ‘negotiate’ the terms of the contract, too. Just another way to control everything.”

And a third Twitter user wrote, “Bilal bringing up a prenup is very on brand, even after Shaeeda was very adamant about not having one. Bilal clearly loves his money and possessions more than he loves her.”

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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