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Pauly D and Vinny's 'Double Shot at Love' Girls Are Already Very Popular on Instagram



It looks like DJ Pauly D didn't find "the one" with a Megan Fox lookalike on Game of Clones — so now, he's looking for love on a reality dating show alongside his Jersey Shore BFF Vinny Guadagnino. 

MTV is rebooting Double Shot at Love — remember Rikki and Vikki Mongeon? — featuring the famous guidos in an attempt to find them their perfect meatball. "Sometimes the Bachelor life isn't for every-buddy," a first look at the show explains before Vinny asks, "Will you accept these bros?" The Italian flag-colored roses also accented Pauly D and Vinny's sleeveless tuxedos perfectly. 

While we are sure that each of the 20 girls who will compete on the show are gym, tan, laundry experts — and know the importance of t-shirt time — some of these contestants look like they came straight from the boardwalk for their chance to date Jersey royalty. And we're here for it. Keep scrolling to see all the lucky ladies who will appear on Double Shot at Love when it premieres Thursday, April 11. 

1. Alysse Joyner

Source: Instagram

Not only is the 24-year-old from Brooklyn a model, she can also throw down in the kitchen. She has an Instagram page called @lysseskitchen dedicated to her cooking, and we already spotted some Italian dishes.

Do we sense a love connection with self-proclaimed foodie and former Vinny and Me Eat America star Vinny? We think so. 

Instagram: @lyssejoyner

2. Derynn Paige

Source: Instagram

Along with being a fellow New Jersey native, Derryn, 25, is an Instagram influencer — she has over 50k followers already — and has her own clothing business called Goddess of Easton.  

Instagram: @derynn_paige

3. Marissa Lucchese

Source: Instagram

Also from the tri-state area, Marissa is a makeup artist and has her own line of fake eyelashes. This 22-year-old has beauty and brains! 

Instagram: @marissa_lucchese

4. Zuljeily Andino

Source: Twitter

Zuly, 30, is a former beauty queen — she was crowned Miss Puerto Rico Petite in 2011 — and current model living in Miami, which a favorite destination for both Pauly D and Vinny. 

Instagram: @zuljeilyandino11

5. Shira Tran

Source: Instagram

Based in New Orleans, Shira, 27, is a hairstylist, makeup artist, and lash tech. And she has a pretty impressive online portfolio. Maybe she can update Pauly D's blowout? 

Instagram: @shirasuite

6. Alli Adams

Source: Instagram

The 28-year-old model and marketing maven is from Wisconsin but currently residing in Nashville — and she loves showing off her tattoos on Instagram.

Follow: @onlyonealli

7. Nadya Erazo

Source: Instagram

Nadya, 29, is a makeup artist and "fitness bunny" — as well as an Instagram model, duh. 

Instagram: @nadyaerazo

8. Deserée Flores

Source: Instagram

Pauly and Vinny better not mess with Deserée, 37 — she's a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. And has the muscles to prove it!

Instagram: @divadesofficial

9. Suzi Baidya

Source: Instagram

This 30 year old is from California and looks like she can fist bump just as hard as Pauly D and Vinny. 

Instagram: @sugasugasuzi

10. Christina Lawrence

Source: Instagram

Christina, 29, is from Los Angeles and very flexible... 

Instagram: @christinadreaming

11. Victoria Fryer

Source: Instagram

Another California resident, Victoria, 25, is also an Instagram model with a preference for swimwear.  

Instagram: @victoriaallyse

12. Nikki Hall

Source: Twitter

Nikki is 26, from Los Angeles, and according to her Twitter bio she's a "Loner. Lover. Writer. Feminist."

Twitter: @NikkiStClaire

13. Michelle "Mish" Gao

Source: Twitter

One of the youngest contestants at 22, Mish is from Tustin, California. According to her Instagram bio, she has a passion for travel and is obsessed with music. Could dating a DJ be in her future? 

Instagram: @mishgao

14. Cate Lepera

Source: Instagram

Cate definitely has her Jersey look down thanks to her Snooki-inspired poof and love of leopard print. The 27-year-old is from Staten Island, New York — just like Vinny. Wink, wink. 

Instagram: @cate_las

15. Brittnay Dawson

Source: Instagram

Producers went out of the box when they casted Brittnay, 33, a blonde beauty from Nebraska to date a couple of Italian guidos. "I’m back from a really fun experience where I have been doing a little bit traveling and a whole lot of self-reflecting," she recently wrote on social media. 

Instagram: @brittnaytherese

16. Ashley Lands

Source: Instagram

Another blonde competing for Pauly D and Vinny's final rose is 24-year-old model (duh) Ashley.  The New York resident also describes herself as an actress and "mistress of motorsports." 

Instagram: @ashleymlands

17. Maria Elizondo

Source: Instagram

This 22-year-old Cuban beauty is here to win the competition — and she has a good chance seeing as she already has nearly 100K followers on Instagram. In a recent YouTube video, she revealed she applied for another reality show  — Are You the One? — because of her 34-year-old ex. 

Instagram: @_maria_elizondo

18. Holly Gurbisz

Source: Instagram

The 27-year-old Jersey beauty's Instagram is currently set to private, but her bio reads, "True beauty is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside." We don't think she's going to last too long with these guys... 

Instagram: @hollygurbisz

19. Elle Wilson

Source: Instagram

Elle, a 27-year-old Philly native, has also set her Instagram to private ahead of the Double Shot at Love premiere. However, she already has an impressive 10K followers. 

Instagram: @ellewilsonxo

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