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Source: Twitter

Here's Everything We Know About Elizabeth Holmes' Rich Fiancé


I've said it before and I'll say it again: 2019 is the year of the scam. Between stories like Anna Delvey's and Dee Dee Blanchard's, the celebrity college scandal, the proliferation of catfishing, the Fyre festival and even the box-office popularity of an otherwise niche film like Can You Ever Forgive Me?, there's no denying we are living in the golden age of the grifter.

And we are lapping it right up. In this landscape of Dirty John, influencer culture, and Kardashian-promoted gummy bears that'll magically shed all of your water weight, those of us who aren't currently getting scammed (or are we?) are more fascinated than ever in unpacking how exactly these frauds managed to pull off their cons.

And whether or not grifters are your cup of tea, it's likely that you've heard of our generation's most notorious female scam artist, Elizabeth Holmes, 35, and her new boyfriend Billy Evans. 

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