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Source: Beyonce / YouTube

10 Breakup Songs That Won't Make You Cry


The craziest thing about breakups is how they're simultaneously personal and totally universal. The last time I suffered the pains of a traumatic uncoupling — and the moving out and friends-taking-sides and all the peripheral junk that goes along with it — music helped me realize how my situation was both totally unique to me and, at the same time, something totally relatable that almost everyone's gone through before.

More than that, music can help you get out of your head and let you feel more like you again. So while I don't know the specifics of your particular situation (I'm sorry, or congratulations on your split — whatever feels better), here are some empowering breakup songs that will make you feel stronger and help you come back into your own.

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1. "Dreams" — Fleetwood Mac

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I guarantee Fleetwood Mac knows more about breakups than you, me, or honestly, almost any other band. Considering their whole musical identity centers around cheating, love triangles, and the Rumours that go along with that, it was almost impossible to pick just one FM song. Runner up goes to "Go Your Own Way."

Most empowering lyrics: "Players only love you when they're playing / Women, they will come and they will go / When the rain washes you clean, you'll know."