Woman Says She Had an Affair With Enrique Iglesias — but Folks Think She Was Catfished

A woman named Maritza Herrera has claimed that she had an affair with Enrique Iglesias, the King of Latin Pop, but others theorize she was catfished.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Oct. 10 2023, Published 6:17 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Maritza Herrera claims to have had a toxic three-year affair with Latin pop star Enrique Iglesias, suggesting that his recent album was inspired by their relationship.
  • TikToker Nuha investigates Maritza's allegations and believes she is being catfished by someone impersonating Enrique Iglesias, who may have also hacked her accounts and identity.
  • While Maritza's claims have garnered attention, it appears unlikely that the real Enrique Iglesias, happily married with three children, would engage in online affairs with fans to write songs and leak their data, highlighting the importance of online safety.
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We love our celebrity drama, but when someone on TikTok claims to have had a toxic three-year affair with Enrique Iglesias, our love turns into confusion. A working-class woman named Maritza Herrera has taken to TikTok to claim that she and Enrique have been having an affair and that his latest album is about her. This might sound ridiculous on paper, but when she starts her claims, we have reason to believe her.

In fact, Maritza does not seem to be making TikToks to grab fame and attention, but instead to show the world who Enrique really is. She claims that he harassed and stalked her when she tried to break up with him and that he released her information to the dark web. But the truth is much worse.

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Maritza Herrera began the theory that Enrique Iglesias has affairs with his fans to write songs.

In one of her earliest videos, Maritza explains that she and Enrique, who has been married to Anna Kournikova for 22 years, had an affair for three years. She wrote, “I'm the woman he wrote his last album for. However, the relationship has become TOXIC. He has been assaulting me, harassing, stalking, wiretapping me & even leaked my identity to the DARK WEB. He meets fans online to exploit them & use them as inspiration to create songs & millions of dollars.”

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But does Enrique really need to do this? In another 10-minute video, she begins by saying she would be crazy to make these videos if this weren’t true because defamation is illegal in the United States. Naturally, we’re all ears. She then goes on to explain how several lines in songs refer to her, such as the line, “Everyone I know, they don’t know me.” In her experience, this relates to when she told him, “If only they knew the real you,” referring to the public.

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TikToker Nuha believes Maritza is being catfished by someone pretending to be Enrique.

While she has plenty of proof that “Enrique” online stalked and harassed her, she doesn’t seem to have any concrete proof that that was actually Enrique. On Maritza’s Instagram, she shares screenshots of someone named Enrique Iglesias messaging her, and she even messages the real Enrique Iglesias page to ask if it’s really him. But she doesn’t show any response from the official Enrique account.

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TikToker Nuha, who often covers trending news stories, goes through Maritza’s hours of TikTok and Instagram content to get to the bottom of the truth. It seems like sadly, not only has someone catfished Maritza by pretending to be Enrique, but they’ve also used this to hack into her accounts, credit cards, and identity information.

It seems highly unlikely that the real Enrique, who seems happily married with three children, would have online-only affairs with his fans to write songs, and then, of course, leak their data. We feel for Maritza’s situation — it’s not uncommon. In fact, on Nuha’s video, several people commented with instances of family members falling for similar scams.

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“My dad actually thinks Gal Gadot writes him on Facebook,” one person wrote. “My aunt thinks she’s in a relationship with a country star. Emptied her accounts, sent him $, got a divorce, and they never met in 4 years.”

All of these stories are just reminders to stay safe online … and trust no one!

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