Eric Funderwhite Is Single on 'Vanderpump Villa' — Who's His Ex-Wife?

Eric's possible love interest on 'Vanderpump Villa' describes him as "somebody hot that you can wake up to and be like today is gonna be a good day."

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Apr. 2 2024, Published 8:57 a.m. ET

Eric Funderwhite at the Health and Tech Summit on Sept. 8, 2022
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Amid the grandeur and high-stakes drama of Vanderpump Villa, the Hulu series that takes viewers inside the opulent world of Lisa Vanderpump's French estate, Chateau Rosabelle, one personal story captures the audience's imagination: that of Eric Funderwhite's ex-wife.

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As the villa's esteemed manager, Eric navigates not only the day-to-day challenges of running a luxury property but also the complexities of his own life, which has been thrust into the public eye. This narrative, rich with emotion and intrigue, adds a layer of depth to the series, making Eric's experiences a focal point for viewers fascinated by the intersection of professional prowess and personal resilience in the exclusive setting of Vanderpump Villa.

Is Eric recently divorced?

 Eric Funderwhite at the Boxing WAGs Association First Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament on Aug. 29, 2022
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Eric Funderwhite is the epitome of dynamism, energy, and motivation, skillfully managing his responsibilities at the château with an impressive zeal. With roots in Los Angeles, this fitness aficionado not only boasts a commendable dedication to his physical well-being but also carries an innate talent for leadership. However, his strong-willed nature and assertive approach to management may occasionally steer him towards heated discussions.

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Stepping into a new chapter of his life, Eric finds himself navigating the complex waters of being newly divorced. With the details of his divorce subtly revealed, it becomes clear that this significant life event has shaped his current outlook. Far from letting the experience dampen his spirits, Eric is portrayed as eager and optimistic about the future. He's ready to find someone new with whom he can share his passions and his newly single life. Eric doesn't share details about his ex-wife.

This drive to move forward and embrace new beginnings resonates deeply with viewers, adding a layer of relatability to his character amid the extravagance of Vanderpump Villa. Eric's journey isn't just about finding love again but also about rediscovering himself, exploring what it means to blend his rustic roots with the sophisticated environment he now finds himself in, according to US Magazine.

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Are Eric and Priscilla dating now?

In the latest chapter of the intriguing saga surrounding Eric and Priscilla, their budding relationship has captured the attention of fans and followers alike. Priscilla, with a tone that mixes admiration and affection, describes Eric as "somebody hot that you can wake up to and be like today is gonna be a good day," from a confession on the show.

This candid confession sheds light on the magnetic charm that Eric possesses, making him not just a figure of interest in Priscilla's eyes but also a source of positivity and anticipation for what each new day might bring.

Further adding layers to their complex dynamic, Priscilla describes Eric as "a one of a kind person" and "such an odd man." These descriptions, far from being derogatory, seem to encapsulate her fascination and perhaps bemusement with Eric's unique personality traits. It's a testament to the depth of her interest in him, recognizing and valuing his quirks and idiosyncrasies that set him apart.

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