FaZe Sway's 'Fortnite' Controller Settings Lets You Simulate His Play Style

For esports pros like FaZe Sway, updating his controller settings in 'Fortnite' contributes a lot to his success, and why others follow in his footsteps.

Anthony Jones - Author

Jun. 7 2023, Published 2:36 p.m. ET

'Fortnite' esports pro FaZe Sway showing his controller settings.
Source: Epic Games via YouTube

Known as the youngest member to join FaZe Clan in 2019 for his match-dominating performance in Fortnite, FaZe Sway has since established himself as an exceptional esports professional at age 19.

Nowadays, fans can find him streaming Fortnite on Twitch and watch his videos on YouTube to soak up his wild tricks.

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He also regularly shares his controller settings, giving fans everything they need to simulate his playstyle. Here are his most recent controller settings if you'd like to see how the esports pro plays in Fortnite first-hand.

'Fortnite' avatars posing and wearing different skins.
Source: Epic Games
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FaZe Sway controller settings explained:

According to a video FaZe Sway released on YouTube last month, his latest controller settings are for Fortnite's ongoing Chapter 4 Season 2.

Early into the clip, the esports pro pulled up his controller options on the home screen to reveal his new adjustments. Below is a sectioned list displaying those settings:

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  • Controller Auto-Run: Off
  • Build Immediately (Builder Pro): On
  • Edit Hold Time: 0.100 Seconds
  • Slide Hold Time: 0.080 Seconds
  • Reset Camera Axis: Pitch
  • Reset Camera Time: 0.100 Seconds
  • Vibration: Off


  • Look Sensitivity: 4
  • Aim Sensitivity: 4
  • Build Mode Sensitivity Multiplayer: 2.2x
  • Edit Mode Sensitivity Multiplayer: 2.1x
  • Use Advanced Options: On

Advanced — Look Sensitivity

  • Look Horizontal Speed: 43%
  • Look Vertical Speed: 43%
  • Turning Horizontal Boost: 0%
  • Turning Vertical Boost: 0%
  • Turning Boost Ramp Time: 0.00 Seconds
  • Instant Boost When Building: On

Advanced — Aim Down Sights (ADS) Sensitivity

  • ADS Look Horizontal Speed: 14%
  • ADS Look Vertical Speed: 13%
  • ADS Turning Horizontal Boost: 0%
  • ADS Turning Vertical Boost: 0%
  • ADS Turning Boost Ramp Time: 0.00 Seconds
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Advanced — Sensitivity

  • Look Dampening Time: 0.00 Seconds
  • Look Input Curve: Linear
  • Aim Assist Strength: 100%
  • Copy Basic Settings: Copy From Basic
  • Copy Legacy Settings: Copy From Legacy

Controller Deadzone

  • Left Stick Deadzone: 5%
  • Right Stick Deadzone: 5%

Foot Controller

  • Enable Foot Controller: Off
  • Foot Controller Dead Zone: 1%
  • Foot Controller Max Throttle: 1%


  • Accelerate With Thumbstick: On
'Fortnite' esports pro FaZe Sway showing his collection in a video.
Source: Epic Games via YouTube
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'Fortnite' controller players will be on even footing with PC players with these settings.

Part of FaZe Sway's continued success in a professional setting with a majority of PC players is due to his controller settings. PC fans usually have an advantage over console players in cross-play shooting games since a keyboard and mouse setup offers more flexibility and accuracy.

With FaZe Sway's controller settings, it manages to even the playing field, putting the various sensitivity adjustments in a sweet spot and fully dialing up aim assist for locking onto opponents quicker.

"Keep up the great work, you've made me so much better at the game and I all around love your content," said a YouTuber under his video, another stating they "used [his] settings back in the day" and will now use them again.

For many, the esports pro's controller settings have helped players enjoy Fortnite more and progressively get better, so if you're aiming to switch up your game on consoles, try these options out and see if it fits your style.

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