"Hear Me out" Has Taken on a Whole Different Meaning on TikTok When It Comes to People's Crushes

"You have to be so much more unhinged with this." TikTokers break down why you're using "Hear Me Out" wrong.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Mar. 28 2024, Published 12:51 p.m. ET

Examples of "Hear Me Out" on TikTok
Source: TikTok

At one point or another, we've all asked our friends, "Okay, hear me out." That's usually what we say when we're about to drop some contentious opinions or knowledge while being fully aware that it might ruffle a few feathers. We usually preface with that if we truly believe in our point and have the facts to back it up, but it's almost always used for some of our hottest and controversial takes. For a while, "Hear Me Out" was trending on outlets like Twitter for people to express viewpoints.

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However, it's taken on an entirely new meaning on TikTok. In fact, folks are getting outright defensive over the proper usage of "Hear Me Out". Many TikTokers claim that people aren't using the meme correctly and presenting some takes that can be charitably described as lukewarm.

Here's how folks say you should use "Hear Me Out".

Okay, hear us out on "Hear Me Out".

By and large, everyone is actually on the same page about what "Hear Me Out" actually means as a meme on the internet. Many folks use it to present their own personal crushes or things they find unconventionally attractive.

That's all well and good, but netizens have been getting tired of the people that they attach the phrase too.

Back in 2023, one Twitter user attached the phrase to actress Jessica Alba, even though many find her to be conventionally attractive. In recent weeks, people have seen "Hear Me Out" arguments attached to real-life personalities like Seth Meyers, Adam Sandler, and even Barack Obama.

But some TikTokers claim that the internet is too soft with their choices. People have been asking to be "heard out" over crushes who can reasonably thought of as attractive by public opinion.

"You have to be so much more unhinged with this," TikToker @lildummydev claims. Interestingly enough, the internet is inclined to agree. Other TikTokers claim that "Hear Me Out" should be attached to the most unconventional crushes or attractions that a person might have. IRL "Hear Me Out" attractions are discouraged (and a little mean) and the most out-of-left-field crushes more closely fit the bill.

Folks are encouraged to follow these examples below.

Many TikTokers have already provided impromptu lectures on how best to use "Hear Me Out" when talking about crushes and attractions. Here are some of the best and most hilarious takes.

Nothing is off limits, not even veggies.

We quickly return to @lildummydev, who's lesson on "Hear Me Out" exposed her to an oddly-shaped and inexplicably suggestive pepper illustrated on one of her tea towels. These are the kinds of vibes that are encouraged.

Movie characters are fair game, live-action or otherwise.

Jessyca Renee (@jessycarenee) wasn't afraid to put herself out there over her Hear Me Outs.

"PLEASE stop putting attractive people on this trend," she urges.

To that end, she puts forward her own crushes which include Hades from the Hercules Disney animated film, Beetlejuice, and Shadow the Hedgehog, just to name a few.

Animated characters are "Hear Me Out" 101.

Animated characters in TV and movies are the bare minimum for folks to achieve true "Hear Me Out" status. For example, Monica (@notmoneyyca) has Nick Wilde from Zootopia on her list.

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Show us your poker face.

Few things should be considered sacred when it comes to "Hear Me Out". For instance, this TikToker found someone who followed the rules by suggesting the Jack in a set of playing cards could get it.

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Understood the assignment.

Here we have office workers in their natural habitat daydreaming about their Hear Me Outs, some of which truly fit the bill on what the phrase truly means.

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There you have it! If someone ever asks you for your "Hear Me Out" crushes, don't be afraid to get a little weird with it.

On a completely unrelated note, remember Scar from The Lion King?

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