In 'Ms. Marvel,' the Superhero Gets Her Powers Thanks to an Unexpected Accessory

Kori Williams - Author

Jun. 9 2022, Published 3:04 p.m. ET

Now that Ms. Marvel has made her way to Disney Plus, we're loving the representation. This hero's name is Kamala Khan, and this 16-year-old Muslim girl has always loved the heroes in the MCU — especially Captain Marvel. So when she gets powers of her own, we're hoping she can finally live her best life.

But how did Ms. Marvel get her powers? We get to see her origin story in the Disney Plus show, and much like every other hero, it was because of some kind of accident.

Let's take a look at her powers in both the new TV series and the comic books.

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How does Ms. Marvel get her powers in the TV show?

In the Disney Plus series named after her, Ms. Marvel gets her powers from a bangle that her mother doesn't want her to have. In the first episode, she finds it in a box and asks her mother what it is. With a face that looks like she knows exactly what the bracelet is capable of, her mother snatches it away and puts it back in the box. But Kamala ends up finding it when she wants to wear it to complete her Captain Marvel costume for AvengerCon.

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Because only the first episode of Ms. Marvel has been released so far, we don't know how exactly the bangle came to be a part of the Khan family, how Kamala's mom knows about it, or how the bangle got its powers. But the use of this accessory appears to tie the superhuman abilities back to the family's Pakistani heritage.

How does Ms. Marvel get her powers in the comics?

In the Ms. Marvel comics, things don't happen the same way they do in the Disney Plus series. Originally, she gets exposed to Terrigen Mist and that awakens her powers. According to the Marvel Fandom, this is a vapor from the Terrigen Crystals. It causes changes in human biology when people come in contact with it, and basically anything can happen. For Kamala, we know that she gained the ability to shapeshift and stretch her body. She's like a new-age Mrs. Incredible.

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To be clear, the mist didn't give Kamala powers. In fact, she's always had the ability of an Inhuman, or people who were genetically engineered by the Kree. In the comics, Black Bolt released the mist into Earth's atmosphere and that's how she was exposed. It didn't just affect her — it awakened the dormant abilities of Inhumans all over the world.

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So far in the Disney Plus series, we've only seen Kamala discover that she can extend her limbs. For now, we don't know which of her other abilities will make their way from the comics into the show. But her best friend and crush, Bruno Carrelli, is already a part of it.

In Ms. Marvel, Bruno is portrayed as a tech wiz who's friends with the Khan family. He helps Kamala's dad install a security system to watch over his entire house. Right now, it looks like he's shaping up to be the Ned to Kamala's Peter Parker.

You can catch new episodes of Ms. Marvel Wednesdays on Disney Plus.

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