Wait, so How Much Cocaine Does the Bear Actually Eat in 'Cocaine Bear'?

Katherine Stinson - Author

Feb. 23 2023, Published 6:45 p.m. ET

Cocaine Bear in...'Cocaine Bear'
Source: Universal Pictures

We're calling it right now – Cocaine Bear for best picture at the Academy Awards 2024.

OK, all jokes aside, the film has been the talk of the internet ever since the first trailer was released.

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Now that Cocaine Bear is out in theaters for everyone's watching enjoyment, we know there's one major question lingering out there that simply demands to be answered.

Just how much cocaine did the bear actually eat? Here's what we know.

A very serious scene from 'Cocaine Bear'
Source: Universal Pictures

We just have a feeling Cocaine Bear might fail his next drug test.

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How much cocaine did the bear eat in 'Cocaine Bear'?

Before we answer that question, we must inform you, dear reader, that Cocaine Bear is based off the actions of a real-life bear (his name wasn't actually Cocaine Bear, but you see where we are going with this, right?).

With that in mind, there is a very real measurement of how much cocaine the bear inspiration for Cocaine Bear ate in real life.

For context, back in 1985, a drug smuggler dropped a 75-pound bag of cocaine into the Georgia forest. where a poor bear came across it.

And you know what bears do when they come across things that look like food, right? According to a 1985 report from the Associated Press, the real-life cocaine bear absorbed 3-4 grams of cocaine in its bloodstream. However, the medical examiner at the time believed the bear may have ingested more cocaine than that (but not all 75 pounds of it).

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How much cocaine did the bear eat in the 'Cocaine Bear' movie?

In Cocaine Bear the movie, the bear ingests the entire duffel bag of cocaine that gets dropped in the forest and proceeds to go on a drug-fueled killing spree. It's not clear exactly how much cocaine the bear eats in the film, but it's clear that the illegal drug makes Cocaine Bear hungry for human flesh.

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However, the real-life cocaine bear died before it could hurt anyone else after ingesting all the cocaine.

Referring back to the Associated Press report, the real-life cocaine bear was found dead within 100 yards of three duffel bags containing a whopping total of 218 pounds of cocaine, combined. The bag containing the cocaine the bear ate was found, empty, near the bear's body (RIP, big guy).

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Where can you stream 'Cocaine Bear'?

Didn't get enough of Cocaine Bear the first time you watched the film's artistic magnificence in the theater? Don't worry.

We know exactly where it'll go once it hits streaming. Given that Cocaine Bear was distributed by Universal Pictures, that means the movie will soon be available to stream on Peacock (which is owned by NBC Studios, which owns Universal Pictures).

However, it will likely be at leas 30-45 days before you can stream the film, based on the fact that it just premiered in theaters.

Per USA Today, Cocaine Bear director Elizabeth Banks suggested that the movie "should be seen with a bunch of friends in an hour and a half at 7:15 and then you should go have beers afterward.”

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