Here's How to Get McDonald's Kerwin Frost Toys

Melissa Willets - Author

Dec. 12 2023, Published 1:03 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • McDonald's released the Kerwin Frost Box, which includes a McBuddy toy.
  • Some lucky patrons are able to get their hands on the coveted nugget people.
  • Other McDonald's fans have taken to social media to vent that the toys are hard to find.
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Social media is blowing up over McDonald's new Kerwin Frost toys, which are part of a so-called adult Happy Meal.

As the fast food chain explains, the artist behind the craze is actually a big fan of all things nuggets and fries. But it seems the limited-edition McNugget Buddy collectibles are hard to find. Here's how to get your hands on some.

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So, how can you get the Kerwin Frost toys from McDonald's?

The Kerwin Frost Box is so much more than a meal.

Because inside, sure, you get McNuggets and crispy fries, but you also score one of the McBuddies — at participating stores, that is.

Not surprisingly, the hard-to-find McBuddies are already being resold on eBay for as much as $100, with the rare Golden Nugget being the most sought after (although not everyone agrees).

Fans are looking to collect all seven of the toys. But how?

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As hungry fans are lamenting online, visiting your local McDonald's restaurant does not guarantee that you'll be able to purchase a Kerwin Frost Box.

"Just went to three McDonald's to try and get the new Kerwin Frost Box. All three had ads in their windows and NONE of them had them. So they hype this thing up, release day comes and nothing. Cool cool cool," tweeted on frustrated person on X.

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But some people are lucky enough to land the Kerwin Frost toys, and can't help but brag about their finds on social media.

To be fair, many commenters aren't lovin' it, and think the whole craze is "sad."

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The only way to get a toy seems to be luck, and buying a Kerwin Frost Box — if your McDonald's is stocked up. Of course, then you're stopping by on other occasions to get another McBuddy, or visiting eBay if you get truly desperate.

Perhaps one TikToker landed on why the toys are such a big hit with adults. As @aracarr noted, getting your hands on the limited-time boxes and the toys is all about nostalgia.

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"More than anything, this collab makes you feel like a kid again, making up stories and creating these characters. This literally brought me back to getting happy meals with my dad and being soooo hype to get a new toy," the creator said.

If, of course, you can get one. Good luck out there! And hey, there's always Christmas for a special someone in your life to gift you with a Kerwin Frost toy if that's your holiday wish.

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