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It's That Time Again! Here's How to Get Your Top Nine on Instagram



We love a good wrap up. It's why we all scrambled to get our Spotify Wrapped and why Apple Music users fumed over the fact that they wouldn't get theirs. But for several years now, another social media platform has been filled with wrap up collages. It's time for Instagram's 2019 year in review. Here's how to get your top nine photos on Instagram.

This is how you can get your own top nine photos on Instagram.

Instagram doesn't actually do a year in review. You can't ask Instagram to pull your metrics from the past year and create a collage for you of your posts with the most likes, comments, and shares. That's why there's other apps for that.

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The most used app is Top Nine, which you can use both as an Apple or Google Play App or on your desktop. All you have to do is enter in your Instagram handle and your email address and then wait to get the email with your top nine collage. From there, you can download the image. One note, though. Your Instagram does have to be public.

Wait a minute, what about that huge watermark?

So here's the downside. Top Nine's collages come with a huge watermark over your images. The only way to get rid of that is to pay $1.99. You can also get your top photos in a video, but that also costs $1.99. If you want to unlock both, you would pay a discounted rate of $2.99. 

While Top Nine has a watermark and does cost money if you want to post something without that branding, there's another app that works instead. Best Nine is a nice alternative to Top Nine, but it's not quite as pretty and clean. If your top photos are different sizes, like one being square and another being a horizontal rectangle, the space around the rectangle will be black. 


What if I want a decade in review?

Since it's 2019, some people don't just want a year in review. They want a decade in review. Unfortunately, there's no way to get that. Top Nine doesn't have an option to get a collage of multiple years. Technically, neither does Best Nine, although Best Nine does have a bit of an alternative.

Instagram actually hasn't existed for a complete decade yet. It launched in October 2010. Most likely, you didn't get it until later, anyhow. So you don't actually have a full decade to look at.

However, Best Nine does let you pick what year you want to look at. You can make a collage of each year from 2011 to 2019 — if you had an Instagram during each of those years. From there, you can share all of those collages in one post on Instagram or you can share each one in your Instagram Story if you don't like the look of it on your feed. 

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