Souvenirs Are a Rare Form of Collectible in 'Pokémon GO' – Here’s How to Get Them

Jon Bitner - Author

Apr. 24 2023, Published 4:25 p.m. ET

Eevee looking up at their Trainer in Pokémon GO.
Source: Niantic

There’s no shortage of collectibles in Pokémon GO, but few are as elusive as souvenirs. These are given to you by your Buddy, although not every Buddy is willing to part ways with the precious items. If you’re trying to figure out how to receive a souvenir from your Buddy in Pokémon GO, here’s a closer look at what you’ll need to do.

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How to receive a souvenir from your Buddy in 'Pokémon GO'.

To receive a souvenir from your Buddy in Pokémon GO, you’ll first need to level up your Buddy to an Ultra Buddy. This can be done by acquiring 150 Affection Hearts (which are gained by performing tasks like walking, playing, or taking photos with your Buddy).

Squirtle looking at their Trainer in Pokémon GO.
Source: Niantic
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Once you’ve reached the Ultra Buddy status with one of your Pokémon, they’ll learn the Find Locations and Find Souvenirs abilities. Now, as you explore with your Buddy, they’ll randomly pass out souvenirs. These will pop up on the screen like any other gift, allowing you to click on them to unwrap a unique souvenir.

Unfortunately, there’s no foolproof way to receive a souvenir from your Buddy. Instead, you’ll simply need to get them to the Ultra Buddy level and head out on adventures with them. Do that often enough, and you’ll eventually be rewarded with a souvenir.

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What are souvenirs in 'Pokémon GO'?

Souvenirs are collectible items that are passed out by your Buddy in Pokémon GO. They currently serve no in-game purpose beyond being a fun collectible. There’s an impressive list of souvenirs that can be received from your Buddy, so anyone trying to gather them all will have their work cut out for them. Depending on how often you play, it’s not uncommon to only receive one souvenir a week.

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Here’s the full list of Pokémon GO souvenirs.

  • Flower Fruits
  • Tropical Shell
  • Tropical Flower
  • Skipping Stone
  • Lone Earring
  • Cactus Fruit
  • Torn Ticket
  • Marble
  • Small Bouquet
  • Snowy Pinecone
  • Beach Glass
  • Chalky Stone
  • Pretty Leaf
  • Stretchy Spring
  • Mushroom

Keep in mind that you’ll first need to get your Buddy to the Ultra Buddy level, which is no easy feat.

How to get an Ultra Buddy and earn souvenirs.

If you’re trying to get your Buddy to the Ultra Buddy level and earn souvenirs, there are plenty of ways to earn Affection Hearts and speed up the process. Here are a few of the best ways to quickly level your Buddy:

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Squirtle eating a treat in Pokémon GO.
Source: Niantic
  • Walk with your Buddy: You can earn up to three Affection Hearts a day just by walking with your Buddy.
  • Give your Buddy treats: You can earn up to three Affection Hearts a day by feeding your Buddy treats. It requires a decent amount of Razz Berries or other treats, but no doubt it’s worth the effort.
  • Take pictures: You can earn a single Affection Heart by taking a snapshot of your Buddy.
  • Travel to a new place: You can earn an Affection Heart by taking your Buddy to a brand new location.

All told, you can earn 20 Affection Hearts every single day – so be sure to max this out regularly if you’re looking to quickly hit the Ultra Buddy level.

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