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Source: a&e

So How Does One Go About Watching 'Live PD' Without a Cable Subscription?


I can't believe we used to sit down and watch the TV Guide channel — those scrolling, little blue boxes that displayed program information. The despair one would feel after switching to it, only to narrowly miss the network by a single digit, sighing and waiting for it to circle back around so you can see what's coming on in the next hour and a half.

Cable sucks, but it still has a lot of great shows, like Live PD, so how does one go about watching it without a subscription?

Streaming platforms like Netflix have really spoiled us by making all of the episodes in a show available from day one once it's debuted. This is a business model that makes sense for the platform and the cast and crew involved in making a program. Mostly because Netflix'll know off the bat if it's being streamed enough to warrant ordering more episodes, and whoever's working on the series will be able to start coming up with ideas for an additional season. It's a win-win.