The Truth Behind Why BWA Rapper OG Boobie Black's Is Missing and Arm Is Tragic

People wonder why OG Boobie Black always has his arm in his shirt — here's the truth about the shootout that left the rapper with permanent damage.

Pretty Honore - Author

Aug. 1 2023, Published 1:03 p.m. ET

Everyone has a past, and this is especially true for rappers who traded in their criminal record for a record deal — one of which is OG Boobie Black.

Before he signed with Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates’s record label, Breadwinner’s Association (BWA), Boobie Black was really in these streets.

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Throughout his life, he has been shot not once but nearly two dozen times by rival gang members. One shootout, in particular, resulted in permanent damage.

OG Boobie Black is always seen with his arm in his shirt and fans wonder why. So, what happened to Boobie Black’s arm? Here’s the truth …

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Why is OG Boobie Black’s arm always in his shirt? He lost his arm in a shootout.

OG Boobie Black and his longtime friend — Birdman’s brother Terrance “Gangsta” Williams — have both told the story of how Boobie Black lost his arm.

In an interview with This Is 50, he shared that he had been shot 21 times in total. One shootout, in particular, could have been fatal for the BWA actor had he not had a gun on him. His song, “True Story,” explains the sequence of events in detail.

After being shot several times in his own neighborhood, he was rushed to the hospital only to find that the ligaments in his arm had been shredded, forcing doctors to amputate it.

“I wasn't born with one arm,” he told This Is 50. “God kept me here for a reason. [He’s] the reason why I'm here with you today. Everything for reason.”

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“[It’s] the murder capital — New Orleans, La. Everywhere you went, you had to have a f--king gun every day,” the rapper explained. “You came out the house in the morning and you tell your family, ‘Look, I love y'all.’ You know what I’m saying?”

“Because chances are, you weren't gonna make it back if you was in the game that I was in. I was in the projects. That was my playground,” he added.

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After he did a stint in the pen, the rapper gave up his old ways and reinvented himself. “I had recreated myself,” he shared. “I had went to jail, I did some time and I did a lot of thinking. A lot of people that I thought were my friends and a lot of people I thought that love me, they really didn't give a f--k about me.”

Things changed for the rapper when he pursued his rap dreams and got a deal with Kevin. From there, he “took it and hit the streets running.”

Let that be a lesson that a person’s past doesn’t determine their talent!

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