This Child’s Scary “Emo” Voice Has Inspired a TikTok Meme


Oct. 11 2022, Published 11:38 a.m. ET

If you’ve seen all the “I Wanna Kill My Mom” TikTok videos — with audio of a child scream-singing, “I wanna kill my mom, I wanna kill my dad, I wanna kill my grandma” — you’re probably wondering, as we did, what has this kid feeling such rage!

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Don’t worry about this child’s threats of matricide and patricide. It’s all a joke, thankfully. The audio comes from a DuB Family YouTube prank featuring rising social media star Woo Wop.

And now TikTok users are using Woo Wop’s faux-anger to express their childhood-era resentments, as you’ll see below.

Woo Wop, the child whose voice you hear, was acting emo for a YouTube prank.

As a Know Your Meme entry reports, the viral audio comes from a YouTube video posted to the DuB Family YouTube channel in September. In that video, YouTube star DuB brings son Woo Wop to a family dinner. And Woo Wop — dressed up in the clothing, chains, and face tattoos of an emo rapper— disturbs the adults at the get-together with his murderous declarations.

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Later in the video, though — when DuB pulls Woo Wop aside — we see it’s all a prank. “Man, you’re doing pretty good, alright? But I need more,” DuB says before telling his son to stand on a couch and scream like “evil SpongeBob.”

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TikTok users are using the audio to vent their childhood frustrations.

Now that Woo Wop’s violent proclamations are out in the world, TikTok users are pairing the audio with captions revealing long-held resentments about their parents.

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“When I was 5 and my mom made me wear a long sleeve under my Little Mermaid costume on Halloween,” user @hannahvacante wrote.

“When your parents didn’t force you into acting as a child so now you’re not rich and famous,” @blackboynextdoor2 wrote.

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“When my parents sent me to the Scholastic book fair cashless,” said @itsmollyesther.

“POV: You have to go to work because your parents married for love and not money,” said@prettylikeabarbie.

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Some TikTok users are even ascribing that anger to their pets, as the dog owners behind the @mrchopsthecockerspaniel account did. “When mum and dad leave me with my grandmas to go on holiday for 12 days and I’m not allowed morning cuddles in bed,” their caption reads.

Be on the lookout for an official ‘Game of Thrones’ TikTok video with Woo Wop’s audio.

DuB recently remarked on the audio clip’s viral fame, posting a TikTok video of himself and Woo Wop shaking their heads in either disbelief or dismay. “When your sound [goes] viral on TikTok for a bad joke,” DuB’s caption reads.

But some commenters weren’t convinced it was a joke. “He hit them notes too good [sic]. This ain’t a prank,” one wrote.

“Bro woke up without his stuffed animal and chose violence,” said another.

Even the official Game of Thrones TikTok account commented on that post, asking to use the audio in a video. And we certainly know that Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon characters are not above killing their moms and dads!

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