Wait, Is 'Sky High: The Series' Based on the 2005 Film? (Not in the Slightest Actually)

Katherine Stinson - Author

Mar. 20 2023, Published 7:45 p.m. ET

Asia Ortega as Sole
Source: Netflix

It's understandable that millennials felt a fresh wave of Disney nostalgia upon seeing the title of Netflix's latest show, Sky High: The Series, when it debuted on the streaming platform.

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So is Sky High: The Series actually based on Sky High the movie? Does the series share any similarities with the beloved 2005 film?

Here's what we know.

is sky high the series based on the movie
Source: Netflix

(L-R) Asia Ortega as Sole, Alvaro Rico as Fernan

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Is 'Sky High: The Series' based on the movie?

OK, so Sky High: The Series is in fact based on a movie, but not the Sky High movie you're thinking of. The premise of Sky High: The Series is vastly different from the Sky High movie anyway.

There's not a superhero in sight in Sole's (Asia Ortega) world — she has to save herself from the bad guys, and her infant son. After all, her husband Angel is dead.

However, Sole would rather die than return to live under her father Rogelio's (Luis Tosar) wing. After all, Rogelio is known in Spain as the most powerful dealer of stolen goods.

Sole doesn't shy away from crime in general though. After all, she sees her late husband's band of thieves as an escape from Rogelio's grasp. The thing about Sole is that she's tired of relying on men to forge her path forward — she'll lead her husband's den of thieves now and call the shots.

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How many episodes are there in 'Sky High: The Series'?

OK, so we've firmly established that Sky High: The Series is nothing like Sky High the movie, let's talk about the episode count for Sky High: The Series!

Right now you can watch all seven episodes of Sky High: The Series Season 1 now on Netflix. Each episode of Sky High: The Series ranges from 44 to 49 minutes total.

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So, will there be a second season of Sky High: The Series? As of March 20, 2023, Netflix has yet to renew Sky High: The Series for a second season.

However, the ending of Sky High: The Series definitely left the door open, wide open, for a second season. Sole's story isn't over yet by a long shot!

Asia Ortega as Sole
Source: Netflix

Asia Ortega as Sole

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What movie is 'Sky High: The Series' based on then?

Here's a funny thing about the question — Sky High: The Series is actually based on a Sky High movie, just not the one you're all thinking of. Sky High: The Series actually follows the events of the 2020 Spanish-language thriller Sky High, which centered on Sole's husband Angel before he died.

Asia actually does appear in the Sky High movie too, as her Sky High: The Series character Sole (before all of her character development on the Netflix series!)

You can stream all of Sky High: The Series Season 1 on Netflix now. Does Sole ever reconcile with her father, or do they actually end up fighting each other as opposing crime leaders?

You'll just have to watch all 7 episodes to find out!

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