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Source: Disney

Disney Channel Shows and Movies Worth Revisiting (and Ones You Should Probably Skip)


How many hours have you spent so far scrolling through Disney Plus trying to figure out what movies and TV shows are worth rewatching? Well, I took a massive trip down memory lane for you and came up with a list of the Disney Channel shows and classic Disney Channel Original Movies you should definitely revisit and the ones you should probably skip. 

For the purposes of this article, we wanted to stick with older classics, so anything after 2002 (when I turned 13) is NOT included. That means no Phil of the Future (great), no High School Musical (iconic), no Teen Beach Movie (surprisingly amazing). My selections are also only taken from what's currently available to watch on Disney Plus. I'll also add the disclaimer that I simply didn't have enough time to watch every episode of every show or every minute of every movie, so there might be some problematic stuff that slipped through the cracks. Disney isn't perfect (gasp!). 

With that in mind, here are are the best Disney Channel TV shows and Original Movies to rewatch as an adult.

WATCH: 'Darkwing Duck' (1991)

Source: Disney

Darkwing Duck is hysterical. The writing is sharp, the character voices are hilarious, and the antics are really clever. It's sort of a parody of a superhero noir, so it's basically like the Watchmen of the Disney Channel TV shows (a stretch, but I'm sticking with it). Definitely worth a second look. My bet is that there are a lot of jokes in there that will be funnier now that you're older.