LaTeasha "Sweet Tea" Lunceford Revealed She Has Endometriosis on 'M2M' — Is She Pregnant?

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jan. 15 2024, Published 1:24 p.m. ET

(l-r): Dr. Gregory Lunceford and LaTeasha "Sweet Tea" Lunceford

When LaTeasha "Sweet Tea" Lunceford joined the Married to Medicine cast in Season 10, she was determined to avoid comparisons between her and her husband, Dr. Gregory Lunceford's ex-wife, Quad Webb. Before they tied the knot in April 2023, Sweet Tea claimed she would do the one thing Quad never did during her and Dr. G's marriage — give him a baby. M2M fans recall Gregory yearning for a child before he and Quad divorced in 2019.

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On the show, Sweet Tea explained that she slid into his DMs before meeting her husbands and promised they would have a child one day. However, as Season 10 progressed, Sweet Tea took cameras along as she discovered her road to becoming a mom would be more challenging than anticipated.

Since the cameras stopped rolling for Married to Medicine Season 10, fans have wondered where Sweet Tea and Gregory are in their baby journey. Here's what to know about Sweet Tea's pregnancy plans moving forward.

LaTeasha "Sweet Tea" Lunceford
Source: Bravo
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Is Sweet Tea pregnant? The 'Married to Medicine' star discovered she could have difficulty getting pregnant.

Sweet Tea and Gregory aren't expecting a baby right now, and she's not pregnant. On Married to Medicine, Sweet Tea learned a devastating update that could affect her marriage.

Since making her Married to Medicine debut, Sweet Tea and Gregory's relationship has been a hot topic amongst the doctor and doctor's wives group. Many of the show's OGs, specifically , have questioned Sweet Tea's motives due to her and Gregory's age difference. As of this writing, Sweet Tea is 32 and her husband is 56. The group has wondered aloud if Sweet Tea loves Greg for him or for the psychiatrist's money.

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Sweet Tea has adamantly stated she's not a gold digger and was attracted to older men before she dated Gregory. The United States Air Force vet also expressed wanting to be a mother and began her pregnancy journey soon after her and Dr. G's wedding. Unfortunately, early into the journey, Sweet Tea discovered a complex update on her road to baby Lunceford.

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In Season 10, Ep. 9, "Take A Napa," Sweet Tea visited a fertility specialist that Dr. Simone Whitmore suggested. Earlier in the season, we discovered that Simone didn't recommend Sweet Tea to the group's resident ObGYN, Dr. Jackie Walters. Nonetheless, when Sweet Tea saw the specialist, the doctor told her she had Endometriosis. The disease causes pelvic pain as tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus.

The doctor shared with Sweet Tea that her prognosis would bring her chances of getting pregnant down to 50 percent. Sweet Tea and Dr. G discussed the news over dinner in the following episode. While they were both disappointed by the news, Dr. G told his wife that her health and life were more important to him than a baby, and he believed they would have one when the time was right. He also advised his wife not to stress about it for now.

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'M2M' fans believe Sweet Tea knew about her Endometriosis diagnosis before marrying Greg.

Following Sweet Tea's reveal of her having Endometriosis, Married to Medicine's viewers discussed the news of her fertility complications. While Sweet Tea was visibly upset when she discovered her prognosis, some fans think she may have already known she could have trouble getting pregnant before marrying Dr. G.

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On X, formerly Twitter, several fans shared their disbelief that Sweet Tea didn't know she had Endometriosis before she said "I Do" to Gregory. Several users also slammed Dr. G for seemingly not doing his homework before marrying his second wife.

"Sweet tea knew about her problems before marrying Dr. G," one user claimed. "She talked about it in the early episodes. Hence why Simone and Heavenly got into it because Simone referred Sweet Tea to a specialist instead of recommending Dr Jackie."

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"Sweet Tea is a gold digger and that's what Dr.G gets for his wicked ways in his past marriage," another said. "There. I said it. I'm going to enjoy watching Sweet Tea drain his energy and his bank account. I like her."

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"Dr.G is better than me," a third user declared. "Annulled!!! Return to sender!!! Eviction notice!!! That man is older and has his life set up nicely, he wants a baby. After all of the money he has spent, Sweet Tea tells him she may not be able to give him a kid? Chile."

While M2M fans keep their eyes on Sweet Tea, she and Gregory remain strong. Additionally, they both believe they will have a baby one day, and that's what's most important!

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