Wait, Is (SPOILER) Actually Dead in 'The Bad Batch'? He Made a Heroic Sacrifice

Did Tech actually die in 'The Bad Batch' Season 2 finale? It isn't looking good after he made a heroic sacrifice to save the rest of the Bad Batch.

Katherine Stinson - Author

Mar. 29 2023, Published 1:55 p.m. ET

The Bad Batch
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Warning: The following article contains major spoilers for The Bad Batch Season 2 finale on Disney Plus.

Have our favorite rogue clone troopers lost one among their ranks? A rescue mission went badly wrong for the Bad Batch in the second season finale of the Star Wars series, leaving fans questioning if Tech actually survived.

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So, is Tech dead now in The Bad Batch or is there hope for him yet in The Bad Batch Season 3? If Tech is dead, what does this mean for the series moving forward?

Let's discuss all the details.

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Tech's life is hanging by a thread...literally.

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Is Tech dead in 'The Bad Batch'? Here's what we know.

Ironically, it wasn't the Empire who led to Tech's death, but one of the Bad Batch's supposed allies. In his eagerness to sow the seeds of revenge against Tarkin and the Empire, Saw Gerrera cost the Bad Batch one of their own — Tech.

In the midst of the resulting chaos from Saw's foolish attack on the summit on Eriadu, the Bad Batch attempted to escape with the help of an aerial cable car.

However, they were flanked by trigger happy Stormtroopers during their escape. Naturally, the cable car stops moving, so the Bad Batch were forced to figure out a way to reboot the system to get the power back on.

Tech immediately thinks of a solution, but it forces him to exit the cable car in order to trigger the reboot on the aerial tramway's power lines. This costs Tech.

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Source: Disney Plus

Don't think the helmet is going to help Tech here.

Tech manages to restart power for the cable car. When it looks like the Bad Batch are on the way to a successful escape, a flank of Stormtroopers attack their cable car from the air.

As Tech attempts to re-board the cable car, shots from the Stormtroopers ships break the car in half. Tech's life is literally hanging by a thread, as he attempts to join his friends on the stable half of the transport.

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Wrecker attempts to come to Tech's aid, but to no avail. Tech realizes that his half of the cable car is preventing his friends from escaping. He invokes Order 99.

After Wrecker realizes that Tech is about to sacrifice himself, he pleads, "Don't you do it Tech!"

Source: Disney Plus

Tech goes down swinging.

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Tech responds with an epic final line — "Since when have we ever followed orders?" He shoots at the cable car, severing his section of the transport holding the Bad Batch back.

He plummets into the fog. As a result of Tech's heroic sacrifice, his friends are able to escape.

But is Tech actually dead? After all, we never saw his body hit the ground. And you know what they say about character deaths happening offscreen! Hopefully Lucasfilm will renew The Bad Batch for a third season soon so we can get some answers about Tech's fate!

You can stream The Bad Batch Season 2, now on Disney Plus.

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