Can You Buy a Physical Edition of 'Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster'? Here's What to Know

Anthony Jones - Author

Apr. 6 2023, Published 4:06 p.m. ET

'Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster' Is There a Physical Edition?
Source: Square Enix

Launching on April 19, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection featuring the first six games in the franchise will finally arrive.

Developer Square Enix has been working on the project behind the scenes alongside the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy XVI.

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According to the Square Enix website, the games will sell digitally as a bundle and individually for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on the announced street date. But can you buy a physical edition of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection? Well, we have good and bad news.

'Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster'
Source: Square Enix
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Is there a physical edition of 'Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster'?

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster does have a physical PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch edition, but it's exclusive to the Square Enix online storefront. However, both versions are limited and currently have a waiting list.

Earlier this year, North American fans could pre-order the physical editions without waiting, but many missed their opportunity due to scalpers.

"I'm aware they clearly noted 'Limited Quantities,' but it's frustratingly annoying that scalpers nabbed a chunk of them - and Square Enix knows," said one Reddit user.

According to fans on the Reddit thread, Square Enix shadow-dropped the physical editions around 2 a.m. for North America back in January. "The fact Square put the pre-order up in NA at like f--king 2 a.m. when normal folks are asleep is asinine," stated one Reddit poster.

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'Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster'
Source: Square Enix

Listed on the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster page, Square reveals a tentative May 31 release date for the physical editions for those who missed pre-ordering. That said, the developer could push back the date further to prepare more copies.

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What are the new gameplay features in "Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster'?

Alongside some touched-up visuals, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster has a few quality-of-life options to make each game more enjoyable. Below is a list of what players can expect:

  • Adjust experience: Players can freely boost the experience points gained from battles up to four times.
  • Turn off random encounters: At the click of a button, random encounters can be turned off completely.
  • Change fonts: The remastered games will have default fonts, but players can switch to a new pixel-based font aiming to recreate the feel of the original games.
  • Change soundtracks: The collection features new orchestral arrangements and the original soundtracks.

All of these features are entirely optional, but intends to appeal to longtime and newcomers diving into the remastered series.

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