Jeramey Lutinski From 'Love Is Blind' Has Been Slammed by Yet Another Ex

Jeramey Lutinski's ex Meredith Walsh claims that he pointed a gun at her following a heated argument and police were called.


Mar. 13 2024, Published 10:51 a.m. ET

Few contestants in the history of Love Is Blind have stirred up more drama than Jeramey Lutinski. Already, his former fiancée has come forward to claim that Jeramey went on the show just a few months after they broke up and moved out of the house that they had shared.

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Now, another one of Jeramey's exes has come forward to present even more serious allegations. The allegations, which were posted on TikTok, have already gone viral and forced Jeramey to issue a response. Here's everything we know about Jeramey's ex, whose name is Meredith Walsh.

Jeramey on 'Love Is Blind'
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Jeramey broke up with his ex Meredith Walsh before he appeared on 'Love Is Blind.'

In a series of TikTok videos posted in early March, Meredith, who goes by the handle @GingerSNapss_, posted the story of her relationship with Jeramey. Meredith doesn't otherwise appear to be a prominent content creator. She decided to come forward to shed light on her relationship with Jeramey.

In the videos, Meredith explains that they met in 2013 while she was bodybuilding and he was running a supplement store.

They eventually started working together, and a relationship formed out of that. They moved in together very quickly, and Meredith explained that their relationship was initially quite warm and positive.

Eventually, though, her brother came to visit, and when they went to a karaoke bar, a confrontation broke out after Meredith started a casual conversation with a guy at the bar.

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Meredith claims that when they got home, Jeramey "snapped" and eventually put his fist through a wall, all while her brother was listening from the next room. She said that a few months went by, and their relationship was back to normal. When the next fight broke out, though, Jeramey followed her around the house from room to room banging on doors and yelling. Meredith eventually felt she had to leave the house and went to his stepmother's house.

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They eventually moved to Charlotte for a fresh start, but, as Meredith explained, Jeramey's jealousy crept into their relationship again. They had a major fight about her staying out with co-workers, and when she tried to leave the bedroom, he stopped the door and allegedly pointed a gun at her. Jeramey eventually lowered the gun, and she called 911 after running away from the condo they shared.

Officers arrived at the house, but Jeramey had left the condo. Meredith let the officers search the house. They told her that the way he had stashed his weapons around the house (behind couches and toilets) suggested that he had tactical experience or was a drug dealer.

Jeramey then returned to the condo, and police cuffed him and put him in the back of one of their cars. She has yet to finish her story, so it's unclear what if anything happened next.

Jeramey has responded to the allegations.

In a video of his own, Jeramey said that the allegations against him were false and that he had discovered that Meredith was cheating on him that night. However, he said that none of the other details of the story were true. Jeramey said there were no police reports about the case and also suggested that Meredith could be guilty of defamation.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

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