'Love Is Blind's' Jessica Explains Her Side of the Viral EpiPen Comment

Jessica Vestal of 'Love Is Blind' shares the context behind the viral EpiPen comment she made to contestant Jimmy Presnel.

Sarah Kester - Author

Feb. 22 2024, Published 4:57 p.m. ET

Jessica on Love Is Blind
Source: Netflix

Netflix's Love is Blind has seen its fair share of breakups over the show’s six seasons (Season 6 is currently streaming).

But nothing was more intense than when contestant Jessica (Jess) Vestal told Jimmy Presnel, “You will need an EpiPen when you see me.” This was referring to him essentially choking when he realized what he missed out on.

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The breakup speech has since trended on social media with many fans taking Jess’s side. They’ve also wondered about the context behind the iconic Epipen comment.

Keep reading to learn all the piping hot tea on where the EpiPen comment came from.

First, a recap of what led up to that viral moment.

Jess is a 29-year-old Executive Assistant from Charlotte, N.C. (the location of Season 6). In the pods, she developed a strong connection with Jimmy, a 28-year-old software salesman. But their connection hit a bit of a snag when Jess revealed that she has a 10-year-old daughter named Autumn. This caused Jimmy to worry that he wasn’t ready for that kind of parental responsibility.

Jimmy had also developed a strong connection with another contestant, Chelsea Blackwell.

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Jimmy on Love Is Blind
Source: Neflix

In episode four, Jimmy and Jess’s relationship came to a dramatic end before they got to see each other in person. This happened after Jess learned that Jimmy had told Chelsea that he loved her.

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In their last conversation in the pods, Jess held nothing back.

"When you see and realize what you missed out on, you are going to choke,” Jess confidently told Jimmy. She added, "You are going to need your EpiPen to open up your airways because you are going to be in disbelief of what you missed out on."

The moment was an instant hit with fans, with some labeling it their favorite scene from Love Is Blind on social media.

“WHAT AN EXIT,” another fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

"Jess didn’t miss out on anything but when Jimmy sees her, he’s def gonna need that EpiPen," another shared.

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Source: Twitter | @gibsonoma

Fans were curious about the context behind the EpiPen comment.

Jess has since set the record straight on her viral comments.

"I don't own an Epipen," she explained in an Instagram Story in response to a fan asking her, “Do you own an EpiPen?”

Jess continued: "But in one of my earlier dates with Jimmy—we had some many and obviously most of our dates weren't shown—but he told me that he had to keep an EpiPen on him at all times because he had such severe allergies, his airwaves would close if he didn't have it."

Due to that conversation, Jess said that the fear of her having to save Jimmy from choking had been "top of mind for a couple days."

She went on to say that her iconic breakup speech wasn’t planned.

"So, when I was giving my breakup speech, which wasn't planned or rehearsed," Jess continued, "I was just heartbroken and I blacked out and... the EpiPen line just fell out and happened to go with everything."

Love is Blind Season Six is streaming now on Netflix.

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