'Love Is Blind' Season 6: We Finally Know Who Jimmy Hooked Up With

Chelsea accused Jimmy of sleeping with one of his girl friends during 'Love Is Blind' Episode 10. Which friend did he hook up with?

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Feb. 29 2024, Updated 6:26 a.m. ET

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Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 6 of Love Is Blind, Episode 10.

Girl math is telling the guy you're talking to that people often mistake you for Megan Fox, who is arguably one of the most attractive women to ever exist. Meanwhile, guy math is getting down on one knee to propose after hearing that because who wouldn't want to marry a potential Megan Fox doppelganger?

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And that my friends is partially how Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackburn became engaged on Love Is Blind Season 6. The couple was one of five to get engaged in the pods, but not without breaking two other people's hearts in the process. Jimmy chose Chelsea over single mom Jessica Vestel. And Chelsea chose Jimmy over Trevor Sova.

Upon getting together, their relationship hasn't been easy. During their engagement trip, Jimmy got a little flirty with AD, making Chelsea feel insecure. And that insecurity only multiplied when they got back to Charlotte and Jimmy was able to look Jessica up on Instagram and see what she really looks like.

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Throughout the season, we've repeatedly seen a preview of Chelsea and Jimmy fighting, with Chelsea saying "You f----d her. And I know you f----d her." Naturally, many of us probably assumed that Jimmy hooked up with Jessica after he saw what she looked like IRL and ultimately cheated on Chelsea. That's a fair thought.

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However, Jessica isn't a homewrecker and actually has a lot of respect for Chelsea. In Episode 10, we finally get to see this mega fight unfold between Jimmy and Chelsea, but it's not exactly what you think.

Jimmy and Chelsea having an argument on 'Love Is Blind' Season 6
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Who did Jimmy hook up with?

During Episode 10, Jimmy and Chelsea have an explosive fight where she accuses him of hanging out alone with another woman who he previously slept with. In the preview clips we've seen of this scene, it seemed like Jimmy and Chelsea they were arguing over a hookup that just happened. However, we learn during the fight that Chelsea is referring to someone Jimmy slept with before the experiment.

Chelsea is upset because Jimmy had gone out the night before without her to celebrate a friend's birthday.

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His girl friends, Barbara and Maddie were allegedly there, who Chelsea met during Episode 9.

It appears Chelsea feels insecure about Jimmy hanging out with them because he allegedly confessed to her that he hooked up with one of them. Chelsea also couldn't help but notice that he texts them frequently. In Chelsea's past relationships, when her partners had female friends, they ended up cheating on her, which is why she became so fixated on Barbara and Maddie.

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During their argument, Jimmy claimed he doesn't have a physical relationship with either one of them. To which Chelsea fired back "You do though. You f-----g do. You told me you f----d her."

It's unclear which friend Jimmy hooked up with, but there has been speculation on Reddit that it was Barbara, who had brown hair.

"I think the girl with long black hair. He said in [t]he past he was drawn to girls who look more like Jessica and I see similarities," said one person.

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Another user commented: "Well…. I have tea. A few degrees of separation - him and Barbara were f buddies for a year. Wild move to bring her lol."

Others unpacked how she acted when he introduced her to Chelsea, claiming that Barbara seemed to know a little too much about Jimmy to only be friends.

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Some users even pointed out that when Chelsea touched on their sex life and how she didn't plan to initiate it, Barbara said, "I don't think that's one thing he would ever turn down" of sex.

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And when Chelsea mentioned that she loved Jimmy's heart, Barbara seemed to be thinking of some of Jimmy's organs, saying "Heart? Is that what you actually meant?"

She also noted that Jimmy is "a crier" and "is very dependent on whoever he's with." Additionally, she asked Chelsea, "How do you feel with Jimmy having very close girlfriends?"

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Source: Reddit
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Jimmy and Barbara do appear to have a very close relationship from what we can see on her Instagram @barabs30. In September 2023, they went to a Drake concert with another girl friend.

But as a reminder, there is no concrete evidence proving that Barbara and Jimmy ever hooked up and for now, this is all just speculation.

Jimmy explained to Chelsea that this friend he hooked up with was a "one-time thing." So, hopefully he's put this in the past and Chelsea can too.

Season 6 of Love is Blind is now streaming on Netflix.

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