These Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Memes Have Been a Long Time Coming



If you're a Kansas City Chiefs fan, the 2020 Super Bowl has been a long time coming. Patrick Mahomes has helped usher the team to new heights and led a stellar squad to the big dance against the San Francisco 49ers — and it seems like most of the country is backing KC and their mustache-coached team to get that glorious ring.

Naturally, a lot of memes have been created to mark this momentous occasion for the Missouri-based NFL franchise.

Hate when that happens.

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Ah, there's nothing like conflating toxic relationship dynamics with good ole' American football.

Take it in stride.

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Go after that World Title boys.

Reddit's got a meme war on its hands.

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Check out the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers subreddits to know what I'm talking about.

He makes a good point.

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Please don't be the person that regurgitates this already tired joke.

Brilliance at its finest.

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And it's for this reason alone I'll be rooting for the Chiefs today.

Mahomes can console himself ...

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With the fact that he'll be gunning for that ring.

I'm sorry, Broncos fans.

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But that's the risk we all take as die-hard fans, I guess.

Your lips to God's ears ...

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Let's appreciate the hairstyles going on in this photo, too, for a second.

Actual press conference question.

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Gotta love those creative nick names.

Not actually a meme.

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But it's even better because you have a hippopotamus that predicts the outcome of the Super Bowl and it's a Chiefs fan this year. Incredible. 

This cat wearing sunglasses seems to agree.

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Side discussion: Why is it always wonderful whenever animals put shades on? Science can't explain this dazzling phenomenon.

Everyone's making this joke, aren't they?

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Might want to update that to color and putting a flat screen in that bad boy, it certainly hasn't aged well.

Pick a side, Justin.

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Gotta love how stoked he is in this screenshot, though.

As far as summoning rituals go ...

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This one is definitely, uhh, unique. We'll see if this actually works come game day though.

Mary kept her promise.

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I'd probably put a coat on. But sometimes we can stay warm with sheer enthusiasm, I guess.

When your team needs a blood sacrifice to win.

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I kid, I kid.

So good, I had to put it twice.

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The fact that Waffle House, aka the greatest dining experience known to mankind, tweeted this out is absolutely wonderful.

Fresca and smokes.

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Nothing like a lungful of smoke and nicotine to help get your head back in the game. Also, Fresca is absolutely delightful.

This kid is awesome.

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Coaches often don't get enough love, so it's nice to see him getting the cosplay love.


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Adding Bill Murray to any meme makes it instantly better. 


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SpongeBob with the 'stache has the makings for Super Bowl meme greatness.

Speaking of SpongeBob...

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This is the halftime show viewers all over our great nation truly deserve.

Dang, this one is a bit morbid.

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Gotta appreciate the fact Death is rocking a red robe.

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