There's a Lot More to Kariselle Snow Behind Her 'Sexy Beasts' Makeup

Kariselle Snow is the adorable and quirky panda on 'Sexy Beasts' who hits it off with both an alien and a bull, but there’s so much more to Kariselle.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Jul. 28 2021, Published 5:48 p.m. ET

Kariselle Snow in 'Sexy Beasts'
Source: Netflix

While many people expected Netflix's reality dating show Sexy Beasts to be a discomfiting viewing experience, it actually introduced us to a whole new slew of exciting reality stars. And one of those stars is the lovable and quirky Kariselle “Kari” Snow. Some of us might just know her as the panda who hits it off with the alien, but there’s a lot more to Kariselle.

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In fact, some of us might even recognize Kariselle when we see her without her panda prosthetics. As it turns out, Kariselle has been on a television dating show before, although obviously without much luck in finding love. Between her complicated past with romance and fame, Kariselle is a force to be reckoned with.

Kariselle Snow in 'Sexy Beasts'
Source: Netflix
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Kariselle Snow from 'Sexy Beasts' was actually on another dating show first.

Some of us might think Kariselle looks familiar — and that’s not just because she’s another attractive blond woman on television. She was actually part of MTV’s Are You the One? Season 8, during which she went by “Kari.”

That season of Are You the One? featured all sexually fluid contestants, and Kari is actually paired with a woman, Kylie, during the show. However, it obviously didn’t work out, which is why Kariselle is now searching for love on Sexy Beasts.

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So while on Sexy Beasts Kariselle only dates male hopefuls, she is openly bisexual. She’s a major advocate for LGBTQ voices, and with 74,000 Instagram followers, her voice is definitely welcomed.

In a recent pageantry competition, her platform was “Love Without Limits.” She explained, “I also stand by those whom are transgender, questioning/queer, intersex, asexual, and any person linked to the plus sign. I want the best for ALL of us.”

Kariselle Snow’s past in romance has been troubled, but her future looks bright.

Before going on Are You the One?, Kariselle shared her experience as a domestic abuse survivor in a 2019 YouTube video. “It really messed me up, but I’m not the same person I was beforehand,” she shared (per Women's Health).

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Kariselle Snow and Josh in 'Sexy Beasts'
Source: Netflix

Kariselle really hits it off with both Tyler and Josh in Sexy Beasts before ultimately choosing Tyler. However, she and Tyler decided to eventually part as friends. Kariselle shared to fans and Sexy Beast viewers what happened after the show in an Instagram post.

“We tried our best, and really gave it what we could given the circumstances, but we live across the country and the pandemic didn’t help,” she revealed. “We’ve stayed in touch constantly since filming and speak almost daily, and continue to be extremely close. Tyler, If I had to do it all over again, I’d pick you every time.”

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Source: Instagram

On the flip side, when a fan asked what happened with Kariselle and Josh, Kariselle said that she would eventually reveal the “funny story.” She did share a text exchange with Josh on her Instagram story, so the two are also definitely in touch. Maybe there’s more to them as a pair than we expected.

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Outside of ‘Sexy Beasts’ and dating, Kariselle has her own life.

While she’s now well-known for her on-screen dating escapades, Kariselle has quite the life of her own. She is a pageant queen and singer from East Hanover, N.J. She was actually crowned as Miss New Jersey in 2020, and has also played around with modeling. The multi-talented Kariselle has some fun passions too. She loves cosplaying, which is pretty perfect for a show like Sexy Beasts.

Although Kariselle’s time on Sexy Beasts didn’t necessarily find her love, we hope that we can see her continue to use her beauty and talents to advocate for LGBTQ rights and survivors of domestic abuse.

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