The Kate Middleton 'Masked Singer' Conspiracy Theory and More of the Wildest Rumors

Kate Middleton is almost definitely not missing because she's filming 'The Masked Singer' ... or is she?


Mar. 15 2024, Published 11:19 a.m. ET

Kate Middleton attends the Earthshot Prize 2021.
Source: Getty Images

With every day that goes by without an explanation of exactly what's going on with Kate Middleton and the British royal family, more and more people are coming up with off-the-wall theories that could explain where she's been all this time.

To catch you up, Kate was last seen in public around Christmas of 2023, and reportedly had abdominal surgery in January of 2024.

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Since then, she has been MIA, and the confusion of her absence from public life was only heightened after her official Instagram account posted an obviously edited photo of her with her three children. Now, the conspiracy theories about what's going on with her are continuing to get more and more ridiculous.

Kate Middleton meeting with organizations to discuss parent wellbeing.
Source: Getty Images
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Let's dive into the Kate Middleton 'Masked Singer' theory.

As is often the case when something is trending across the internet, people start to both earnestly theorize about what's going on and also come up with joke explanations. One user on Twitter wrote, "The Kate Middleton reveal on The Masked Singer is going to make all of us look silly."

The tweet is a reference to the popular game show where contestants where masks to hide their identity.

So, is Kate Middleton really just on The Masked Singer? The odds of that would be incredibly low. The British royal family doesn't interact with American culture that way, and when they do make their visits to the U.S., they tend to keep things relatively classy. For everything you might be able to say about The Masked Singer, it's far too absurd and ridiculous for a member of the royal family to participate in.

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People are making all sorts of jokes about the disappeared princess.

The joke about Kate being on The Masked Singer is far from the only one of its kind.

In fact, the jokes are all over Twitter.

"Slipknot sacked their drummer a few months ago, and suddenly Kate Middleton is nowhere to be seen? Surely not a coincidence, she must be locked in rehearsals frantically learning their tour set list and getting a horror mask fitted," one person wrote on the platform.

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"I know exactly where Kate Middleton is. She's falling in love with a small-town bakery owner who has no idea she's a princess and he's gonna help her rediscover the meaning of Christmas. Coming to Netflix this fall," another person theorized.

Although the royal family are famously terrible at PR, it seems likely that Kate is simply recovering from her surgery, and the photo editing was done badly and for reasons we can't comprehend. It's fun to theorize about what may really be going on, but in reality, the explanations behind this kind of speculation are usually duller than the fan theories.

If she does wind up popping out of a costume on The Masked Singer, well then I'll be the first person to eat my hat.

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