Keith Lee's Review of Kandi Burruss’s and Other ATL Restaurants Goes Viral on Social Media

Keith Lee said visiting Old Lady Gang was a “unique experience.” Here’s how his stop in Atlanta sparked viral memes and debates.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Oct. 30 2023, Published 1:56 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Keith Lee is a popular food critic on TikTok and former MMA fighter
  • In October 2023, Keith gave several Atlanta restaurants honest reviews, including Kandi Burruss's Old Lady Gang and The Real Milk & Honey.
  • Keith Lee's reviews caused viral memes on Twitter
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In 2023, TikTok influencer Keith Lee left his MMA career to become an online food critic. He's now one of the most popular food reviewers on social media.

Additionally, Keith has begun visiting restaurants suggested by his fans. And, in October 2023, Atlanta was his next stop. He revealed on his popular TikTok account (@keith_lee125) that he had “a unique experience that I will never forget” while visiting several Atlanta hotspots, including Kandi Burruss’s Old Lady Gang.

Unfortunately, the experience wasn’t too optimistic.

Here’s what Keith Lee said in his Atlanta restaurant reviews.

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Keith Lee claimed a local Atlanta restaurant refused to serve his family.

On Friday, Oct. 27, 2023, Keith posted a video of himself outside of an Atlanta restaurant called The Real Milk & Honey, located in College Park. Keith shared that he was in Atlanta with his family and was told by his fans to check out Milk & Honey’s establishment.

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As promised, Keith attended the restaurant, though he had no idea he wouldn’t be able actually to eat a meal there. At the beginning of the video, Keith shared that while he planned on reviewing the restaurant’s food, he couldn’t because he could not order anything from the menu.

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Keith explained that The Real Milk & Honey could not call in or make online orders for DoorDash and other food delivery apps. Since Keith frequently explains that he’s a “regular person” who happens to have a “big following,” he opts to review the food away from the restaurants. So, he asked his family to go in, pick up his order, and bring it to him.

Keith said his family attempted to order at The Real Milk & Honey but could not get service from the restaurant. He claimed the family were told the restaurant was no longer taking in customers due to “deep cleaning,” though there were reportedly other patrons eating inside the restaurant.

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Once his family told him what happened, Keith said he decided to go into the restaurant himself to place an order. He was reportedly met with positive responses from employees who recognized him and tried to service him and his family, but Keith “respectfully declined” the offer.

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However, despite his harsh experience with The Real Milk & Honey, Keith refused to bash the restaurant and urged his fans to judge the space for themselves.

“Don't call this restaurant. Trying to get nobody fired,” Keith warned. “Ain't nobody do nothing. This is the rules they had. If you don't like the rules, the rules are not for you. And for me, my family, the rules just weren’t for us.

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Keith Lee also accused Kandi Burruss’s restaurant, Old Lady Gang, of having lousy customer service.

After Keith’s initial video about one Atlanta hotspot, The Real Milk and Honey, he was recommended to review Kandi Burruss's family restaurant, Old Lady Gang. Despite trying to order through DoorDash and Yelp, they were unsuccessful.

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They went to the restaurant to order from their takeout menu but could not purchase anything due to the high volume of customers they receive on the weekend. Therefore, Keith's review of OLG's food was not possible as he and his family never got the chance to try it.

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As he did at The Real Milk & Honey, Keith eventually went into the Old Lady Gang and tried to get his family a table. When he arrived, the server told Keith he would have a table in “five minutes” after telling his family there would be an “hour to an hour and a half wait” and refused to take the family’s contact information. Keith, who also snapped photos with fans and his wife, Ronnie Lee, quickly noticed he was being accommodated due to his social media fame.

Unsurprisingly, Keith declined to stay at OLG and left with his family. While he didn’t bash the restaurant, many people following his Atlanta reviews did it for him with multiple hilarious memes on X, formerly Twitter.

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One of the restaurants from Keith Lee’s Atlanta reviews responded online.

While many fans of Kandi Burruss and the Old Lady Gang joked that Keith Lee better watch his back for Kandi’s mom, Mama Joyce, the restaurant has yet to address Keith’s review. However, The Real Milk & Honey responded with a video that left a bad taste in social media users’ mouths. No pun intended.

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In the video, a woman who appears not to be The Real Milk & Honey’s owner, Monica Rose, responded to Keith’s review by asking her partner if he had seen the TikTok. The man then says, “And who is this Keith Lee?” to which a young girl responds, “Daddy, you don’t know who Keith Lee is?”

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The video was attached to a lengthy caption of The Real Milk & Honey thanking Keith for his review while scolding the “negative people” who shared their opinions on social media. After sharing the video, the restaurant attracted more “negative people” who reprimanded the establishment for engaging in a social media war with the content creator.

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Keith never responded to The Real Milk & Honey’s video. Instead, he continued exploring more Atlanta restaurants, though he noted that food delivery was a problem everywhere he and his family tried.

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