Lana Rhoades Seems as Eager as Ever to Become a Mom

Lana Rhoades' pregnancy announcement has captivated fans worldwide, but when exactly is she due to have the baby? Here's what we know so far.

Chris Barilla - Author

Jun. 9 2021, Published 2:54 p.m. ET

Lana Rhoades
Source: Instagram

The news that Lana Rhoades is pregnant has been a talking point for fans of the adult star-turned social media celebrity, and it seems like she is opting to trickle information out as slowly as possible. Her June 1, 2021, Instagram announcement shocked many, and despite a few new details, there are still plenty of questions left to be answered overall.

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So, what is Lana's actual due date, if she has shared one, and what other related details do we know about the pregnancy currently? Keep reading to find out!

Lana Rhoades
Source: Instagram
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Lana Rhoades shared her due date when she shared ultrasound images of the baby.

Among the information that Lana has shared with fans since revealing that she is pregnant are ultrasound images of the baby. In the snaps, it is clearly visible that her due date is January 13, 2022. With that in mind, it's likely that Lana conceived back in April or May of 2021, and as of right now that's really all that the star has shared with regard to the pregnancy.

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There are still questions over who the baby's father could possibly be.

Fans of Lana are likely well aware of her and Mike Majlak's very turbulent relationship, which officially ended back in February 2021. As of right now, he remains the most likely suspect for who fathered the baby, but even Mike himself has posted things that raise doubt over the legitimacy of that claim. When speculation initially bubbled that it is his child, Mike took to Twitter and wrote in a since-deleted post, "Does anyone have a contact at The Maury Show? No big deal."

That post alone drove fans to be even more curious about if he's the father or not. The former couple has a noticeable public rift currently, which has largely been brought about due to Mike's "pros and cons" list, which angered Lana and her fans.

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Nonetheless, neither Lana nor Mike, nor anyone else involved has commented any further on who the father of the child is. The lack of information has led to some pretty wild theories surrounding whose it could be, with some fans even insinuating that the baby is Kevin Durant's.

This claim seems a little far-fetched, as Lana's recollection of their date was largely negative, and the time frame is slightly pushing it with relation to the baby's conception.

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There have even been claims that the baby's father could be Bryce Hall, as the two were seen out and about together last year, creating somewhat of a cheating scandal. The duo was accused of going behind Mike's back to hang out together, but after that instance, they weren't spotted out anymore. Since Lana and Mike ended on rocky terms, it's possible that she could have gone back to Bryce at some point.

Anything is possible until Lana actually confirms who the father of the baby is. Stay tuned to Distractify for the latest details on the situation as they emerge.

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