Laura Dadisman Opens up About 'Love Is Blind' and Launching Her "Kick Rocks" Merch Line (EXCLUSIVE)

'Love Is Blind' star Laura Dadisman shared exclusively with 'Distractify' the details of her new merch line inspired by her iconic "kick rocks" phrase.

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Mar. 28 2024, Updated 3:16 p.m. ET

Laura makes a heart with her hands in Season 6 of 'Love Is Blind.'
Source: Netflix

It's been some time since we caught up with the Season 6 cast of Love Is Blind, hasn't it? But worry not, dear readers, for we've got some exciting updates about one of the most memorable cast members that are bound to reignite your passion for the wildly popular Netflix reality show!

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Yes, we're talking about Laura Dadisman, who had quite an emotional journey in the series. In an exclusive interview with Distractify, Laura delved into her current endeavors, including her very own "Kick Rocks" merchandise line, and shared her thoughts on her ex-fiancé Jeramey Lutinski's romance with Sarah Ann Bick.

Laura, wearing a bright green halter dress, smiles over her shoulder as she carries a bouquet of flowers in Season 6 of 'Love Is Blind.'
Source: Netflix
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What is Laura from Season 6 of 'Love Is Blind' doing now?

These days, Laura remains dedicated to her role as an account director at MWC Las Vegas while also embarking on a new venture known as Ink Dadi Press. This passion project, which she launched alongside her sibling, involves crafting custom notebooks, which she markets and sells on Amazon.

In matters of romance, we're delighted to announce that Laura's love life is flourishing once more! The blonde beauty told Distractify that after calling off her wedding with Jeramey, she met her new beau through friends of friends. They have been happily dating ever since, and honestly? It's heartwarming to see Laura embrace love anew!

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(L-R) AD, Chelsea, Laura, and Amy at the lake during Season 6 of 'Love Is Blind.'
Source: Netflix

(L-R) AD, Chelsea, Laura, and Amy at the lake during Season 6 of 'Love Is Blind.'

Laura also maintains close connections with her fellow ladies from Love Is Blind, emphasizing their significance in her life. She told Distractify that she speaks to many of them daily, including Jess, Chelsea, Mackenzie, AD, Brittany, Amy, and Sunni, considering them all vital sources of support. Since the season aired, they have consistently stood by each other. Truly, having loyal girlfriends like them is invaluable!

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Looking ahead, Laura doesn't foresee any further ventures into reality TV: "I wholeheartedly thought I was gonna get married and that's it," she exclusively expressed to Distractify. "I don't think I'll be doing any more TV... I can't imagine myself going through it again."

Laura is now taking the high road in her dealings with Jeramey and Sarah Ann.

Hey, if you're an avid fan of Love Is Blind, you're likely caught up on the whole Laura-Jeramey-Sarah Ann love triangle, right? It was quite a messy situation, wouldn't you say? After Laura and Jeramey called off their engagement, the 30-something brunette stepped into the picture, and as of March 2024, she and Jeramey are still an item.

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Now, you'd think with all that drama, there might have been some resolution, but nah! Besides a half-hearted apology from Sarah Ann at the Season 6 reunion, it seems like things are still pretty tense. Laura spilled the tea to Distractify, revealing that Sarah Ann hasn't reached out at all to patch things up with her.

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"Sarah Ann has never reached out to me at all. I'm not gonna lie, it bothered me for several months after filming," she shared. "I've never gotten a text, or phone call, or DM, or anything. I think I was even blocked for a little while."

But despite all that, Laura is taking the high road! She explained, "After it was all said and done and I processed it, I've never done anything but wish [Jeramey and Sarah Ann] the best." Nevertheless, she's still pretty "shocked" that Sarah Ann hasn't reached out, especially after seeing how things played out on the show.

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"I figured there was just a part of her that was probably like, 'We did her so dirty. We should maybe just reach out and apologize,'" Laura added. "But she could have taken our conversation at the lake day as an apology ... I took it more as she was trying to justify her actions and ask me for advice on her newfound relationship with Jeramey."

Laura has launched "Kick Rocks" merch for fans of 'Love Is Blind' to enjoy!

After the Season 6 reunion, whispers circulated about Laura launching her own merchandise line — and indeed, these murmurs turned out to be more than mere rumors.

In our interview, Laura donned a sleek black shirt adorned with her iconic catchphrase, "Go kick rocks with open-toed shoes." Naturally, we couldn't resist inquiring about this new endeavor, and Laura happily spilled the deets!

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"We have [Shop Kick Rocks], I'm honestly so proud of it," Laura exclusively told Distractify. She revealed that initially, she hesitated about releasing the merchandise amidst a flood of DMs and messages. Surprisingly, many LIB viewers expressed their adoration for the phrase and desire to see it on notebooks or t-shirts.

Laura shared that she took a moment to reflect but ultimately decided to cater to their wishes!

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"It seems like it just holds such a higher meaning," she remarked. "It seems like there's a woman empowerment aspect to it, which I just absolutely love. If this funny ... [and] goofy little saying that I honestly don't even remember coming out of my mouth because most of the time, it's so unhinged what I say, ... can help someone or help them stand up for themselves or be more eloquent in a tough situation, then I'm happy to represent."

During our interview, Laura hinted that a large portion of the proceeds would support a women's charity, the details of which she promised to reveal soon. True to her word, on March 27, she took to Instagram and announced that she had partnered with Dress for Success Charlotte, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women secure employment as a pathway to achieving economic independence.

All six seasons of Love Is Blind are now streaming on Netflix.

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