The Best Leonardo DiCaprio Girlfriend Memes for When You're Feeling Like an Elderly 25-Year-Old

Blonde, blue-eyed heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio and Camilla Morrone have called it quits. Here are the best memes to commemorate the breakup.

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Aug. 31 2022, Updated 3:40 p.m. ET

Leonardo DiCaprio
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Leonardo DiCaprio has been acting since he was around 5, but it wasn't until his critically acclaimed performances in 1993's What's Eating Gilbert Grape and 1995's Basketball Diaries that he cemented himself as a mainstay in the public eye. And once he received commercial success with the behemoth that was Titanic, there was nothing stopping Leo from becoming one of the world's biggest superstars. And not only that, but he became one of the world's biggest heartthrobs. The '90s were nothing without horny teens plastering posters of Leo on their bedroom walls.

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Being one of the world's most enduring Hollywood heartthrobs, Leonardo DiCaprio is aging like God herself intended, but his dating pool hilariously stays the same age. Hmm, we certainly have some thoughts about that. Leo has seemingly followed a pattern with his dating life, and we've dug up some of the best Twitter memes to poke fun at all the tea.

After Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Camila Morrone broke up after four years, fans joked that it followed his pattern of not dating anyone over age 25.

Believe it or not, Leonardo first met his now-ex when she was just 10 years old and her former stepdad, Al Pacino, introduced the two. We know, kind of creepy. Now that she's a 25-year-old woman with a fully developed brain, the pair have officially split after four trips around the sun together.

Whether it was him dating Gisele Bündchen for five years starting when she was just 18, or his five-year fling with Bar Refaeli that also ended when she hit the Big 25, Leo seems to only date ladies in their early-to-mid 20s. Blake Lively, Erin Heatherton, Nina Agdal, and the list goes on.

Leonardo DiCaprio
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To commemorate Leo's split from Camila Morrone, the internet had a blast posting memes left and right about the age gap pattern.

Here are some of the best ones.

"The stats are breathtaking."

We have to commend the consistency, if we're being honest. Consistency is key to any successful relationship ... right?

It's for the sake of America.

Please, this one is borderline problematic, but not enough to stop us from laughing at the absurdity. Where were Leo's exes when 9/11 happened? They were barely old enough to hold onto their pacifiers without drooling up a storm.

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We love math!

The amount of effort that went into this meme is impressive. Though the graph itself needs some updating! Camilla did make it to the 25 mark before getting the ax, after all.

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Cue the 'Hannah Montana' scene segue vocals.

Leo knew the time would come, the time each of his girlfriends would reach the wrinkly, decrepit old age of 25. He'll at least remember them fondly, blowing a kiss goodbye to each one every time the clock strikes 25.

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Bye, girl!

It's truly the Twilight reference for us. How is it that a clip of Dakota Fanning as Volturi member Jane throwing an immortal baby into a fire can be used for so many situations? We don't know, but we love it.

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Sing it, Lana.

Though we appreciate the Lana Del Rey reference, we must point out that the rest of the song does not apply. "I know you will, I know you will, I know that you will." Heck, likely none of Leo's girlfriends felt that kind of confidence in their relationships. It's more like "I know you won't."

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Ba dum tss!

A sex joke blended with a Titanic joke is surely one that deserves to stay afloat.

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