A Woman Lost Her Engagement Ring While Throwing Leaves in the Air — "Pray for Me"

A woman lost her engagement ring while playing in leaves and went through quite a lot to try to get it back. Here's her cringeworthy story.

Melissa Willets - Author

Oct. 24 2023, Published 1:35 p.m. ET

A woman on TikTok named Emilie (@itsemilieroy) shared every engaged woman's worst nightmare.

The ordeal started when the French-Canadian bride-to-be was enjoying another rite of passage and throwing fall leaves.

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Unfortunately, she also managed to dislodge her engagement ring in the process of reveling in the season. So, did she managed to find the precious bauble? Read on to find out.

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The woman resorted to sorting leaves in a bathtub to find her lost engagement ring.

As Emilie shared in her TikTok, she'd been sorting leaves in a bathtub for three hours at the time she posted the sad story about her ring.

"Pray for me," she only sort of joked in the caption. Well, it seems her prayers were indeed answered — but you won't believe how long it took!

Emilie shared in an update that after six — yes, six — hours of looking for her misplaced engagement ring, she finally found it.

In the follow-up video, the soon-to-be Mrs. panned the camera around so we could see how truly massive the search area was.

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Meanwhile, many commenters had urged the creator to buy or borrow a metal detector, and recounted their own stories of lost engagement rings.

One person shared that they'd looked for hours for a lost ring, but a metal detector located the jewelry in 10 minutes.

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Someone else had a different idea of how to recover the ring: insurance. It seems a friend lost a ring at the beach and never found it, but their homeowner's policy covered the cost.

Emilie popped into the comments to share just how desperate the situation had actually been before she found her ring. Not only were all the shops closed, but the couple was apparently leaving the spot where the ring was lost in just a day!

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All's well that ends well, since she found her ring. But TikTok is still worried about the bride-to-be.

In the comments section of the ring update, TikTokers were now urging the creator to get her ring sized so it doesn't fly off again.

"Get a ring guard," suggested another concerned party. "Thanks for the idea!" Emilie replied, adding this would make for a good temporary solution.

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As more and more commenters pressed the creator to go to a jeweler and have the engagement ring sized ASAP, she again responded to assure her followers: "That's the first thing I'm doing this week. Don't worry."

And so, folks, the good news is that Emilie found her ring, against all odds, and is making moves to ensure that the beautiful gem doesn't part ways with her finger ever again.

The other piece of (kind of) good news is that she definitely isn't alone in misplacing her most treasured piece of jewelry.

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All over TikTok, brides-to-be have shared their own horror stories of misplacing their engagement rings. Some couldn't find the baubles for a few moments, while others were still hunting days later.

To all the ladies out there whose rings are M.I.A., we wish you as much luck recovering them as Emilie, although, here's also hoping it doesn't take six hours of sorting through fall leaves (or worse — how about the sewer!) for that happy moment of being reunited with your ring to play out!

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