'Love in the Jungle' Stars 14 Singles Ready to Swap Talking for Mating Rituals

Who's in the 'Love in the Jungle' cast? Season 1 calls on 14 people to channel their inner animal and seduce someone using mating rituals.

Leila Kozma - Author

May 10 2022, Published 11:54 a.m. ET

Starring 14 singles ready to tap into their inner beast and transform into animals, Season 1 of Love in the Jungle paints a humorous picture of modern dating.

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Taking the premise of Netflix shows like Sexy Beasts even further, Love in the Jungle calls on 14 charmers to stop talking and use animalistic mating rituals instead to find a partner. What's there to know about the cast of Love in the Jungle?

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The cast of 'Love in the Jungle' features romantic hopefuls like Stephan Davis and Austin Nogiec.

Appearing on Love in the Jungle likely posed a few challenges to the impeccably good-looking cast members ready to prove that actions speak louder than words. Cast members were not allowed to talk during the shooting — unless they were recording a confessional or won the opportunity to go on a private date with their chosen one.

Take Stephan Davis, a 31-year-old single with a sizzling personality and an unbridled love of high fashion who impersonated a bee throughout the shooting of Season 1.

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"It was very difficult without words, but you can give them a little nudge on the shoulder to show that you're interested. It almost comes from a place of being playful, so that was cool," Stephan told the New York Post. "Funny enough, you do get a little bit used to it and make connections with people that you never talk to. It was the strangest experience. The hugging and the kissing were almost amplified, to show affection when we didn’t have the ability to talk."

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Mikaela Florence, Jordan Rosengarten, and Austin Nogiec are just some of the fun-loving singletons joining Stephan in the quest to nail down the art of non-verbal communication.

Austin, a registered nurse and medical device educator from Detroit, Mich., got to impersonate a koala in Season 1 of Love in the Jungle. Austin described himself as a "goofy, fun, extroverted" person in an interview with Pop Culture, adding that going full koala came with its own set of challenges. "[It was] one of the hardest things I've ever done in my entire life," he said.

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Dishon Isaac got to try his hands at impersonating a duck, while Lynsey Fuller was representing a tiger.

Others, like Paige Dacanay, faced a different set of difficulties. Paige got cast in the role of a starfish, an animal that tends to draw slightly less attention with its subtle movements and lack of capacity to make much noise. "Starfish have a ton of nerve endings," she told the New York Post. "So, I was trying to tap into my emotional side and not hold back."

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"In the beginning, it was really uncomfortable,” Paige added. "But as we started embracing [the experience] we were like, 'Let’s just embrace our inner animals and be wild together.'"

Season 1 of Love in the Jungle also features Ashley Duvendack, a breathwork and embodiment facilitator, and others. Jennifer Verdolin, an animal behaviorist researcher and the author of Wild Connection, served as a consultant on the show.

Love in the Jungle premiered on Sunday, May 8, 2022, on Discovery Plus.

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