Where Is the Cast of 'Love on the Spectrum' Season 1 Now? Let's Catch Up

Sarah Walsh - Author

Jan. 29 2024, Published 6:48 p.m. ET

Abbey Kisses David - Love on the Spectrum

A heartwarming reality series that navigates the complexities of love through the eyes of individuals on the autism spectrum, Love on the Spectrum has etched its place in our hearts. Season 1 of the Netflix show introduced us to a diverse cast of hopeful romantics, each with their own unique stories and dreams of finding love.

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From the vibrant animation studios of Dani to the whimsical realms of Disney lover Abbey, each cast member has left an indelible mark on viewers, showcasing that love knows no boundaries and is a universal force that binds us all.

Now, let's rekindle the magic and catch up with the beloved cast, celebrating their joys, triumphs, and the enduring hope that love persists in all its beautiful forms.


Dani Works With Animation
Source: @danibowman1

Dani Bowman, the animation enthusiast from Los Angeles, continues to infuse her artistic flair into the world. As the proud owner of DaniMation, an animation company she founded at the tender age of 11, Dani has been busier than ever.

Although love remains a work in progress, her dedication to teaching animation to children on the spectrum has thrived. As we explore her animation website and follow her creative endeavors on social media, Dani's vibrant spirit shines through.

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Lately, Dani has been making the rounds with a press tour and speaking appearances. She's also been highlighted in Forbes!

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Source: @hatsbyabbey

Abbey, the Disney enthusiast and animal lover, found her own fairy-tale love story.

And the answer to everyone's question is, yes! She is still in a relationship with David. Her connection with fellow animal lover David, who shares her passion for big cats and birds, adds a touch of enchantment to her journey.

Beyond dating David, she's been running a popular TikTok account and showcasing her hat-making business!

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James, the Renaissance fair aficionado from Boston, is a proud champion of individuality. Overcoming past adversities, he embraces his long hair and remains passionately committed to finding a long-term relationship.

James is still filling his time with hobbies, friendships, and a quest for enduring love that mirrors the vibrant festivals he adores.

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Source: @kaelynnvp

Kaelynn, the behavioral therapist from Greenville, S.C., shares her experiences with grace. Navigating through the challenges of online dating, she brings resilience and determination to the table. While love may be a puzzle, Kaelynn's story teaches us that every twist and turn contributes to the masterpiece of her unique journey.

These days, Kaelyn is using her ever-growing influencer platform to be an autistic advocate. Recently, she posted a video asking viewers to consider whether "autism is a disability or a difference."

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Source: @traveling_subodh

Subodh, the culinary enthusiast from Long Beach, Calif., has mastered the art of cooking and excelled in mathematics. As he stepped into the realm of dating for the first time at 32, Subodh carried with him the warmth and a desire for a long-term companion to explore the world together.

Lately, he's been sharing inspiration, and meeting with fans using his Cameo. And he's been using his platform to highlight his amazing travels, visiting places like France and Austria!

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Steve from Love on the Spectrum

Steve, the adventurer from San Francisco, embraces the concept of love as a timeless journey. He may not have found love in Season 1, but that isn't holding him back.

Diagnosed with autism later in life, Steve is not letting age define his pursuit of companionship. Today, he remains optimistic about love, and he even set up an online dating profile with the help of his assistant!

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As we catch up with the cast of Love on the Spectrum Season 1, we aren't surprised that they are all doing well!

Each unique cast member teaches us that the pursuit of love is an ongoing adventure filled with hope, resilience, and self-discovery. And of course, we can't wait to watch Season 2 — which will include some familiar faces from the first season!

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