Marissa From 'Temptation Island' on Falling for Edgar and That Poem He Wrote Her (EXCLUSIVE)

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May 4 2022, Published 1:42 p.m. ET

Marissa from 'Temptation Island'
Source: USA

Marissa from 'Temptation Island.'

Falling in love on reality TV can be hard, especially if you are new at being on television. Just ask Marissa from Temptation Island. Distractify spoke exclusively with the Season 4 single about what it was like dipping her toes in reality TV for the first time and trying to find real love with one of the men.

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Right now on the show, Marissa and Edgar are a solid couple, but what fans really want to know is if they last beyond the season. So, are Marissa and Edgar together after Temptation Island?

Edgar enters the show in a four-year relationship with girlfriend Gillian, but due to infractions on both of their parts, Edgar grows closer to Marissa. And it seems entirely possible that he and Gillian break up by the end of the season.

Marissa and Edgar from 'Temptation Island'
Source: USA

Marissa and Edgar from 'Temptation Island.'

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So, are Marissa and Edgar together after 'Temptation Island'?

Although Marissa couldn't reveal whether she and Edgar are still together, she did hint at their future both on and off the show by saying she has no regrets about how things went down. Does that mean they're together now or that they leave Temptation Island as a couple? The latter seems possible.

"A lot happens. Aside from filming, a lot happens," Marissa told Distractify. "And I don't regret anything at all. If I had the chance to do it again, 100 percent I would do it again and do it the same way. Everything that happens after was worth it. It was fun. And I'll cherish that forever."

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"How it happened is not how I expected," she added, referring to the way her relationship with Edgar unfolds.

Again, it's a little cryptic. But it certainly sounds like Marissa and Edgar had more going for them than just a reality show hookup.

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Marissa was in a 10-year relationship before 'Temptation Island.'

Marissa went into Temptation Island looking for love and things progressed when she and Edgar developed a genuine connection. But before the show, Marissa was in a 10-year relationship with one guy.

In fact, because she was in the relationship for so long, she hadn't had the chance to date much as an adult. Temptation Island afforded her that opportunity.

Edgar wasn't the first guy Marissa was interested in on 'Temptation Island.'

Although Marissa and Edgar develop feelings for each other early on in Season 4 and grow emotionally together well before they get physical, Edgar wasn't the only guy Marissa originally had her eyes on.

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"I mean, from the beginning, [I was interested in] Lascelles," Marissa admitted. "I was just like, wow, big, big dude, strong-looking guy. You know, that was the first person that caught my eye. And then at the mixer party, you know, I talked to Lascelles, [but] I barely talked to Luke."

She added that she started to feel uncomfortable partying with cameras on her and Edgar approached her and helped her feel more at ease. From there, their connection grew.

Marissa and Edgar from 'Temptation Island'
Source: USA

Marissa and Edgar from 'Temptation Island.'

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Edgar's poem for Marissa was a memorable moment on the show.

Fans see Edgar write and read a poem in Spanish for Marissa on Temptation Island. In the same episode, his girlfriend, Gillian, admits that Edgar hasn't written her poetry in a long time, but that it's something he used to do. Marissa told Distractify that the poem was "super, super sweet."

She also admitted that, although her parents are Puerto Rican, she doesn't speak Spanish. So, while viewers don't see it on the show, Edgar later translated the poem into English for her.

Marissa revealed she still has the poem, in fact. Again, it's hard to say if that means she and Edgar are together now. But if nothing else, they both got a life-changing experience from being on the show.

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