You Do Not Want to Be in the Crossfires of This Woman, Who Destroyed an Airport Kiosk Ahead of the Holidays

A woman at Miami International Airport had a meltdown and destroyed the kiosk at her gate, and everyone was there to post about it on TikTok.

Allison Hunt - Author

Dec. 22 2022, Published 8:51 p.m. ET

There are so many things that can go wrong at the airport when you're just trying to get home for the holidays. There's a huge snowstorm so your flight is canceled, the lines at security are so long that you miss your flight, or your luggage is lost with all the gifts for your family, just to name a few.

Oh, and a woman could go on a rampage, chase down the gate agent, and break the desk.

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Of course, the latter is too wild to not be true. Yep, that's right — one Alabama woman was caught having a full-on meltdown, breaking the kiosk and desk at Miami International Airport. And of course, there were many people with their phones handy to catch it all and post about it on TikTok.

A woman destroyed a kiosk at Miami International Airport, and TikTokers were there to catch it all.

The onlookers started to record after the woman had already made it behind the desk. Thankfully, the people on TikTok are so helpful and the commenters were able to fill in the blanks. From what we can gather, this woman was flying from Birmingham, Alabama to New York City, with a layover in Miami. When she went to check into her connecting flight, her two children wandered off to go to the bathroom and she wasn't able to find them. Consequently, they missed their flight.

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At some point, the woman began demanding that the person behind the desk find her children. We have not found a video where she moves to be behind the desk, but in this video, you can clearly hear her saying over and over again, "Find my children, bro."

The woman even goes so far as to chase the gate agent down the jet bridge, throwing a suitcase on her way back.

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You can continue to watch the woman getting more and more upset. When she comes back from the jet bridge, the woman starts to destroy the desk, ripping the computer out and throwing it. She begins addressing the people watching, who seem to all have their phones out recording the incident. She comes back to completely knock over the kiosk that scans people's tickets and continues to rip apart the desk. A good Samaritan even attempts to calm her down but to no avail.

It's unclear how long her tirade goes on for, but eventually the police come. She attempts to climb over the desk, but she's taken away in handcuffs. It seems like she's saying "get my kids" over and over as she's being carted off.

The New York Post reports that the woman is currently in custody by the local police and "charged with aggravated battery, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct."

This honestly just makes us sad. While she very clearly reacted in a way that is never OK and endangered those around her, she was a very distraught mother having a meltdown over her lost children. We hope her kids are safe.

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