Tenniscore Style Icon Morgan Riddle's Journey Into the Limelight Is a Total Serve (EXCLUSIVE)

Bianca Piazza - Author

Dec. 4 2023, Published 3:12 p.m. ET

Photo of influencer Morgan Riddle at The Championships, Wimbledon, in 2023
Source: Instagram/@moorrgs

When The New York Times calls you "the most famous woman in men's tennis," courtside queendom is evident.

"I am honored to be recognized as a valuable member of the sport," influencer, budding style icon, and tennis personality Morgan Riddle told Distractify. With over 600,000 combined TikTok and Instagram followers, she certainly has the public's attention.

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But Morgan is much more than just the tenniscore Barbie cheerleader girlfriend of ATP top 10 American tennis champ Taylor Fritz. Being a Victoria Beckham-esque WAG is cool and all (no, really, Bustle released a 2023 article titled "It's Cool to Be a WAG Again"), but we wanted to unveil the essence of Morgan.

In an exclusive interview with Distractify, Morgan Riddle discussed her style evolution, rejecting the male gaze, and next career steps. Let's sit down with a Honey Deuce and get to know Morgan.

Selfie photo of American tennis star Taylor Fritz and influencer girlfriend Morgan Riddle
Source: Instagram/@moorrgs
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Morgan Riddle's acceptance into tennis's inner circle took time: "It was hard to gain respect from the tennis world."

With her long blond hair, glowing tan skin, and glimmering outfits practically plucked from Vogue, Morgan can be intimidating at first glance. Perhaps that's why the tennis world was apprehensive about welcoming her with open arms.

"I think no other partner on tour had shown their perspective in the way that I was," she shared with us.

Her perspective includes behind-the-scenes looks into tennis WAG life, with fashion tips, GRWM videos, beautifully curated travel porn, and Wimbledon history.

Since meeting Taylor Fritz on the private, membership-based dating app Raya at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the two have been inseparable.

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"Our relationship is built on care," she disclosed. "Both teamwork and fun play key roles. ... This dynamic is the reason we can successfully spend 35 weeks in a hotel room together."

The score is definitely love-all.

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Eventually, the tennis world realized Morgan was here to stay.

"I have started to grow on the public and those within the tennis community. I am super appreciative that the members of the tournaments and tennis media have accepted me," she said.

Morgan Riddle on her style evolution: "I've started dressing more for myself."

When it aired, Cassie Howard's (Sydney Sweeney) 4 a.m. morning ritual scene from Euphoria went viral almost immediately, spawning recreations and various "how-to" articles. Though we're not likening Morgan to the slightly neurotic Cassie, she admitted she "was the girl who was consistently wearing heels and a skirt to her suburban high school in Minnesota."

Her love of fashion is undying, but she no longer dresses for the male gaze.

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  • "I used to pick and choose outfits based on how 'good' they made my body look," she said.

    Today, Morgan prioritizes the female gaze. Getting compliments from women "is what [she appreciates] the most."

    She describes her current style as "feminine, romantic, and elegant," and she looks to celebrity stylist Alison Bornstein's TikTok account for personal style advice.

    In fall 2023, Morgan is reaching for knee-high boots and red accessories.

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    Morgan Riddle's fashion content landed her a job at The Championships, Wimbledon, in 2023.

    Princess Diana's effortless allure will forever inspire, and Morgan is particularly intrigued by her Wimbledon ensembles. In 2022, Morgan recreated one of the late royal's looks, pairing loose-fitting white trousers with a white sweater vest and a thick black belt.

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    But Morgan isn't simply fascinated with vintage style, she's also charmed by the fashion history associated with the prestigious event. She's drawn to the significance of clothing as a snapshot of a particular moment in time, and Wimbledon took notice.

    "[During Wimbledon 2022], I posted a TikTok showcasing what people were wearing. I spent about 10 hours capturing videos of outfits on the grounds," Morgan explained.

    "The production partner for Wimbledon 2023 reached out to me at the end of last year, expressing interest in my content. ... It turned out to be a great collaboration," she said of her educational Wimbledon Threads With Morgan Riddle series. "I’m eager to pursue more opportunities like that."

    The meticulous fashion plate also collaborated with luxury jewelry brand Lottie NYC and signed with talent agency UTA in 2023.

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    "For long-term career sustainability, branching out is crucial. I know my team at UTA will guide me in pursuing these opportunities," she told us.

    She looks up to influencers-turned-brand founders like Marianna Hewitt of Summer Fridays and Emily Oberg of Sporty and Rich, but she is wary of dipping her toe into the unpredictable waters of influencer brands.

    For context, Sephora dropped both Addison Rae's Item Beauty and Hyram Yarbro's Selfless by Hyram in 2023.

    "I’m cautious about the saturated market of influencer brands," she told us. "Whatever I venture into, I want it to be valuable, authentic, and a genuine reflection of me."

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