News Anchor Laughs at a Viewer's Complaint About His Mustache

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jul. 25 2023, Published 1:59 p.m. ET

There are plenty of ways we get our news. Most of us are guilty of doomscrolling through our social media feeds to glance at articles that recount some horrifying current events in our society. Those of us who are still on Elon Musk's Twitter (sorry, X) might have even caught a steady stream of conservative news thanks to the controversial billionaire's aggressive filters. And although it sounds slightly old-fashioned, some of us might even turn on the television to catch the news there.

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Despite how often and how quickly we can receive our news these days, news anchors are still putting in the work to deliver up-to-date news on a daily basis. This includes Cody Melin (@melin_tv), a local news anchor in Indiana.

Unfortunately, Cody seems to have a dedicated hater in his audience who isn't afraid to make their voice heard. In fact, they called the news station and left a complaint about his mustache, of all things. Here's what the viewer had to say and how Cody reacted.

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A news anchor responds to a complaint about his mustache on TikTok.

Cody posted about this hilarious complaint on TikTok in late July 2023. As of this writing, he currently reports for FOX 59 and he's no stranger to odd comments.

However, he simply had to post about this particular complaint. You might think that working for Fox News would already raise a couple of red flags, but in this case, this viewer complaint had nothing to do with his reporting. Instead, the person called in to complain about Cody's mustache.

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According to Cody in the comments, the woman in question called in three times before leaving a message on her fourth attempt. And she wasn't afraid to share her thoughts on the line. Although she took the time to say that she enjoyed the weather report, she immediately went off on Cody's mustache.

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"Cody's mustache bothered me," she began. "He got rid of it and now it's back."

She even goes so far as to say that his mustache reminded her of Hitler, which earned a hearty chuckle from Cody.

"I cannot watch that news anymore if he still has that mustache," she complained. "It's his personal preference to have one, [but] it's my personal preference to not watch it."

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Needless to say, folks in the comments are pretty flabbergasted that a random woman took time out of her day to complain about a mustache on the news.

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"Who has the time to be bothered by that [and] then call to tell someone about it?" one person asked. You would think that the viewer could use their time better than worrying about a news anchor's mustache.

Another person shared a similar story: "I worked at a car dealership and an old lady would call and complain about the lady in our commercials." This proves you can't make everyone happy.

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There may be plenty of reasons not to trust Fox News, but you have to be a real unique kind of bothered to take the time out of your day to complain to a news anchor about their mustache.

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