Woman Says She Can't Get Any of Her Boyfriend's 20 Friends to Come to His Birthday Party

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 12 2023, Published 4:32 p.m. ET

tiktok user @daniellevizcarra22
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If you've ever planned a party, you may understand why The Office had a dedicated party planning committee. Between choosing a location, putting up the decorations, and making arrangements for food, it's a tough job.

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And while you may think that the easiest part would be inviting guests to the party, that isn't always true. One woman recently tried to plan a birthday party for her boyfriend and her biggest issue in party planning was that none of his friends could come. She shared this information on TikTok and users seemed baffled by her alleged issue. Meanwhile, others are calling her the "best girlfriend ever." Let's get into her situation below.

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The internet has lots of questions after a woman claimed she invited 20 of her boyfriend's friends to his birthday party and none could come.

“I will never be planning a birthday party or party for anyone ever again,” said a TikTok creator named Danielle in a now-deleted video that has since been re-shared on X by user @wilderpatriot.

Danielle, while wiping away tears, explained in the clip that her boyfriend was turning 30 soon and she had secured a rental property with pickleball courts for his big day.

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She added that his parents helped pitch in for it and there would even be a taco caterer on site. “It going to be so nice, he’s gonna love it,” Danielle said before finally revealing the reason she was crying.

“None of his friends are coming. I invited about 20 of them and none of them can make it."

Danielle continued: “It’s heartbreaking, It’s disappointing, and I don’t have the heart to tell him that and I wanted this to be so special and nice. I feel like it’s my fault. I feel like I let him down."

Users on X weren't sure how to react to her video and started to place blame on her instead of acknowledging all the effort she had put into this party.

@wilderpatriot, who shared her video, had several questions including: "Wait, how much notice did she give his friends?" and "Why is she now humiliating him on TikTok?"

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Another user responded to her video: "Need some more details... Where are the friends in relationship to the party location? Do they have to travel and take off from work? Is it on a weekday or weekend? Are there charges that the party goers need to pay?"

Others wondered how her boyfriend even had 20 friends.

And some began criticizing Danielle for making the TikTok video.

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Meanwhile, on TikTok, users are claiming that Danielle is "the best girlfriend ever."

While strangers on X had mixed opinions about Danielle's tearful video about her boyfriend's birthday party, her friends and TikTok followers knew her intentions were pure.

You see, her page is filled with heartwarming videos of her planning sweet surprises for her boyfriend. This context helped followers understand why she was so disappointed when a bunch of his friends said they couldn't attend the party.

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"I saw the video earlier about none of his friends being able to show up and I just wanted to say that you are the best girlfriend ever," wrote one person in the comment section of one of her videos.

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Source: tiktok / @daniellevizcarra22
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Danielle even shared a follow-up video of the stunning rental property she chose for the party, and it was even nicer than she had made it out to be.

"Those 'friends' are missing out on an incredible location, all arranged by an incredible girlfriend," wrote one user in the comment section.

"You are such a beautiful soul. This was such an amazing idea," said another.

Unfortunately, Danielle hasn't posted an update on her boyfriend's party, but hopefully, she can get some of his friends to come. Because as one user on TikTok asked: "Can I go to the party? I’ll fly out there?"

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