Noor, Nickolas, and Netflix: The TikTok Drama Broken Down

Content creator @noordabashh was recently in a TikTok video posted by Netflix. Sadly, people aren't too happy about the casting. Here's why.

Allison Hunt - Author

Dec. 8 2022, Published 10:57 p.m. ET

Content warning: This article contain allegations of sexual assault.

It appears that Netflix didn't know the can of worms they were about to open up when they cast makeup artist and content creator @noordabashh in a TikTok to promote their new show, Wednesday.

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In a now viral TikTok, the video in question has Noor creating a Wednesday inspired makeup look and then doing a photo shoot. Jenny Ortega, the actress playing Wednesday, ends up surprising her. We promise you we aren't spoiling it, that's only where the drama begins.

What is the Noordabashh TikTok drama?

Fans made it very known that they weren't too happy about this casting choice by sounding off in the comments.

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Clearly people didn't want Noor in the video and they didn't understand how she got cast in the first place. But why were they upset by this?

The reason is due to sexual assault allegations. This YouTube video by @annaoop does a really good job of explaining everything. But to sum it up for you, back in November 2021, Noor posted a statement on Twitter saying that she was sexually assaulted by another TikTok creator, @nickolas_ray.

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The statement reads:

"I was sexual assaulted by Nickolas Ray, better known as @nickolas_ray (he makes POV videos) on July 5, I believe. I say I believe because I was heavily intoxicated the whole week leading to that day (not black out but enough for it to effect my decision making). Me and Nickolas had a complicated relationship because I had wanted attention from Nickolas, but at the time I was 17 years old and he was 21... he engaged in sexual activities with me, even though I was a minor..."

She explained that she had a panic attack the night the assault happened, and he took advantage of her.

Nickolas didn't address the situation until four months later when he discussed the allegations on TikTok. He said that he spent four months with his legal team gathering receipts and proof that the allegations weren't true. The night of the supposed allegation, Nickolas said that he was never at Noor's party, and was at the gym.

Nickolas said that the night of her panic attack wasn't the night of July 5. He did admit to kissing Noor, but he said that's all that happened. He said that Noor tried to have sex with him when he was blacked out once.

He also talked about how all of this was done for clout. Nickolas addressed another girl who accused him of assaulting her as well, and explained why those accusations were also lies.

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Source: TikTok/@noordadashh

Noor posted a rebuttal to his statement on TikTok. In the video, Noor said that she had already explained that she wasn't sure of the exact date. Noor also posted a bunch of screenshots of texts proving her timeline and point, but we're confused at what those text messages prove.

It seems that TikTok is split 50/50 on who to believe. And with how visible this situation is, it's hard to believe that Netflix wasn't aware of the attention their video would get because of it.

If you need support, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 or visit to chat online one-on-one with a support specialist at any time.

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