Celebrities Take on TikTok's "Not My Name" Challenge, and We Are Living for It

Celebrities and TikTok creators alike have been sharing all the names they go by to the tune of The Ting Tings' "That's Not My Name" in this hot new trend.

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Feb. 1 2022, Published 1:20 p.m. ET

Amy Schumer, Idina Menzel, cat on TikTok
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Not everyone goes by the name they were assigned at birth. Some people have nicknames. Others go by their last name. And for a lot of famous actors, they may go by the names of some of the iconic characters they portrayed (Read: Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw or Steve Carell as Michael Scott).

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Well, there’s finally a TikTok trend/challenge/fun snow day idea that’s all about those other monikers that an individual may be called by. Keep reading to learn everything we know about TikTok's “Not My Name" challenge, as well as some advice on how to hop on the trend.

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What is the “Not My Name" trend on TikTok?

The “Not My Name" trend on TikTok is the latest viral challenge on the short-video platform. Set to the tune of The Ting Tings' 2008 hit "That's Not My Name,” the trend points to all of the different names that a person (or animal!) may go by.

The earliest "Not My Name" videos started popping up on TikTok in January. Most of them featured pets or young children.

For example, in the video below, we meet a cat named Sugar. “They named me Sugar just to call me …” the beginning of the video reads as it zooms in on an adorable white cat.

Then the video goes on to list all the other names and/or titles that Sugar has also been called. These include: “the goblin,” “chubby cheeks,” “little lad,” “ankle biter,” and “Bigfoot.”

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Celebrities take on the “Not My Name" trend.

It wasn't too long before celebrities caught wind of this trend and decided to try it out by using some of the various characters they've played throughout their career.

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Idina Menzel shared a TikTok which celebrated some of her other names, like her role in the Broadway show Wicked as Elphaba, her character Elsa in Frozen, and her role as "Rachel's mom" in Glee. She even got cheeky and teased John Travolta’s botched mispronunciation of her name during the 2014 Oscars. As a refresher, he introduced Idina Menzel as "Adele Dazeem."

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Reese Witherspoon also hopped on the trend and honored her former roles as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, and Rosita from Sing.

Meanwhile, Amy Schumer did her own little rendition, but didn't refer to the roles she's played on TV or in movies. Instead, she listed some of the more unpleasant names she's been called during her career by the media.

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Here's how to participate in the "Not My Name" challenge.

Interested in making your own "Not My Name" video? Here's how to do it.

Start off by picking out a few of your nicknames or names you may go by. The sound bite of "That's Not My Name" is 15 seconds long, so you should be able to squeeze in a few names.

Next, try to match your names to either photos or video clips you have yourself. For example, if one of your nicknames is "sleepyhead," you should probably choose an image of yourself where you look like you've dozed off.

Then, combine all the clips together and add in the "That's Not My Name" sound. Make sure to introduce yourself by your real name in the beginning of the video.

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