All About the Relationship Between Olivia Plath and Her Sister Lydia Grace Meggs

Olivia Plath and her sister Lydia Grace have begun repairing their relationship. But just how close are they now after years of no communication?

Emma Saletta - Author

Aug. 20 2023, Updated 2:35 p.m. ET

With Season 5 of Welcome to Plathville premiering, fans will meet a friendly new face that Olivia Plath has known all her life — her sister Lydia Grace Meggs.

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Lydia appears to be Olivia's fun and bubbly sister who loves friends and family. However, the sisterly bond we see in the Season 5 trailer wasn't always that way, especially since there was no bond for quite some time.

"The last time I had a relationship with my sister Lydia was when we were teenagers," Olivia admits. "My parents thought Lydia was walking the fine line to hell... so I cut ties with her."

But now that the sisters are together again, is their sisterly love stronger than ever? Find out below!

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Olivia Plath appears to be a loving sister toward Lydia Grace.

One thing is clear in the Season 5 preview of Welcome to Plathville — Olivia and Lydia know how to have a great time together with their brother Nathan Meggs. The three of them couldn't help but take pictures together after Olivia and Lydia did Nathan's makeup.

The sisters are also OK enough to have honest conversations, with Olivia even telling Lydia, "In the world we grew up in, anything that made you happy was sinful." Rather than being offended, Lydia is doing nothing but smiling and chuckling at that statement.

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Olivia is also comfortable enough to FaceTime with Lydia about drama happening within the household, and while Olivia talks about the issues around her, Lydia just listens and shows no judgements toward what Olivia is saying.

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Time will tell if Olivia and Lydia truly mend fences. However, the fact these two follow one another on social media speaks to the two women being on good terms.

However, it's unclear just how close Lydia is with the other members of the Plath family at this time.

Lydia Grace was not close with her sister Olivia Plath due to different beliefs.

The two sisters — although they are seen smiling from ear to ear in recent photos — were not close for reasons that involve their family and personal beliefs. Although Olivia confirmed this during the Season 5 preview, Lydia spoke up about it first due to familial strain, not just with Olivia, but with their other siblings.

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"I got to see a few of my little siblings after three years of being cut off," Lydia said in an Instagram post from March 27, 2022. "I love my little siblings with my whole heart and having my two little sisters ripped away in the name of religion hurt like hell."

Olivia did not appear in the pictures, but she did comment, "So glad. Miss you all. Hang in there, Lyd."

Watch Oliva and Lydia's growing relationship unfold on Season 5 of Welcome to Plathville, premiering on Tuesday September 5, 2023 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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